How to find the right small business mastermind

How to find a mastermind
Masterminds are the core of my business, and I’m always in one myself, they’ve been the result of so much success for me and I adore them.

I recently had a conversation with someone who was searching for the perfect mastermind for her, and I shared a few tips that helped her to find the exact one for her (and no, it wasn’t mine – we both realised that wasn’t the right fit as she needed something else).

These are the tips I shared.

Be clear what your “gaps” are first.

Knowledge gaps, mindset gaps – basically anything that’s holding you back from your goals. Once you know these find a mentor who is equipped to help with those specifically. They should have knowledge AND experience of those gaps and be able to demonstrate results in those areas.

Find an experienced mentor/coach who is aligned both with your needs above and your values.

Aligned values are as important as skill (I’ve got that wrong before and it was heart breaking).

Ensure the mentor/coach has achieved what you want to. Or has experience of doing that for others.

Check if the mentor carefully curates the mastermind, or accepts anyone. You want to be with the right people, or it will completely ruin your experience. At your level and above with a mix of talents and experience that can support you is ideal. A mastermind is not about the mentor alone, it’s about the combination of skills and experience to create a masterMIND. This process helps the members to grow and evolve far more than a mastermind that just relies on the leader ‘teaching’.

Ensure the timeline suits you.

Some people only need a short blast for, say, 3 or 4 months. Others need a 12 month commitment to go at their own pace.

Check how involved the mentor/coach is.

There are some that use coaches to run their coaching calls, which can work, but if you are really invested in the mentor it will be a disappointment. (I run all my calls, but in one mastermind I have specialist coaches that run the FB group).

If you crave in person contact, check if they run retreats as part of it. Kicking off a mastermind with a retreat creates deep bonds that will catapult your results.

Check max number of members.

I’ve found that anything over 20 turns into more of a group program and is less affective. For my higher level mastermind I only accept 10 as I want it to be super intimate. Make sure you’re happy with the max number.

Check how they monitor and check accountability and growth.

This is super important. Checking in on my mastermind members weekly, monthly and quarterly is essential to their growth. Otherwise it’s too easy to hide when you’re in a group.

If you’re looking to join a mastermind to support your business growth, get in touch here. I may be enrolling into mine soon.



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