How to create your unique advantage

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how to create your small business unique advantage

Do you have a business model with frameworks that make your business and what you offer uniquely YOU?

Something that brings together your skills, experience, qualifications, that can’t be replicated, even if someone comes up with something that sounds similar?

Because this is the stuff that makes us standout, and puts US intrinsically into our offer and attracts the right ideal paying customer, to us.

This is the stuff that has depth and substance, and isn’t just a cookie cutter replica taken from someone else (please for the love of all that is holy, stop doing that).

My business model for the past three years has followed my MSA Approach™, which flows through every single thing that I do in my business.

It combines three areas of activity and deep work I do with my clients:

Mindset + Strategy + Action

Which sounds simple when you say it, but it’s easy to get these wrong.

All three are essential to success, no matter what success means to you.

When you get each one right, growth can be fast.

I’ve been teaching this approach to sustainable business growth for years, and it rarely fails.

But if any of these are missing, there’s a disconnect.

Without the right success mindset, you can block your growth and progress.

Without the right strategy, you could miss that revenue sweet spot because you waste so much time doing the wrong things that aren’t aligned with YOU.

Without intentional, inspired action, you could take two steps forwards and one step back. All the damn time!

Growth requires all three, and this is why these three areas are present in all that I do. I have a page dedicated to this approach on my website if you’d like to check it out:

New to my model this year is my Scale + Soar Framework™, which lays out the 8 core areas of business that each business owner needs to develop to create a successful, sustainable, profitable business. It’s not sexy, but man it’s essential. I won’t be sharing this publicly as it’s in the process of being Trademarked as I’m so over the online copycats.

But if you DO want sexy, then The Growth Collection™ is a selection of sexy systems (yes, I did just say those words) within the Scale + Soar Framework™ that you can implement into your business when you’re ready to create growth.

These include:
The Strategy + Planning System
The Evergreen Marketing System
The Sales System
The Finance System
The Mindset System
And more ….

They are tried and tested business growth systems that I’ve developed from 20+ years of experience, working with brands and corporates, sitting on the board of directors at two multi-million pound agencies, from running two multi-six figure businesses of my own and from helping over 1,000 small business owners.

And within this model is my suite of programs and services that deliver the model at varying levels. From the early stages of business to scaling to 7 figures.

Can you see how that neatly wraps up my knowledge, skills and experience into a model that is ALL me?

Can you see how you could do that for yourself?

Because if you can’t, then message me. I can help with that.

2020 is going to be a huge year for me, with huge changes in my business and a new direction. I’m so excited to step into it and into the next version of me that creates it.


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