Do you know why you’re different?

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We’re all different. So different. Heck, we all have unique DNA and fingerprints. ALL OF US!

If you lined up a group of well-known business coaches, all with similar offers, I bet I could pick out something unique about each of them.

So why is it that so many business owners struggle to pinpoint their own differences?

As with many things, it often comes down to mindset, which could be a lack of confidence or self-belief.

And it infuriates me.

Because we all have a unique gift to share with the world, even if there are a tonne of people doing the same thing.

So I wanted to talk about how to drag out your uniqueness with this handy little set of questions that will pull out the things unique to you.

What are your qualifications?
Include all of these, there may be something in there that stands out.

What’s your life experience?
What things have you suffered in your life, what have you been through, what have you survived? These are hugely important and help people to truly resonate with you.

What’s your work experience?
What have you done before? What skills have you used? How do these apply to what you’re doing now?

What are your quirks and flaws?
Do you have any idiosyncrasies that people click with? Do you have little habits that you hate, but others adore? Bring those bad boys out. People love them.

What do you REALLY care about?
What makes your blood boil? What gets your heart racing so fast that you look for the closest soapbox to jump on and scream your opinion to the world … because it just matters so much?

What value do you provide?
What specific value do you provide to your clients that they can’t do without?

What processes and frameworks do you have?
If you’ve created your own process or system or framework to help you do a great job, then this is valuable IP. These make you stand out. These make you unique. And if you haven’t put this down on paper (or computer screen) yet, then do it.

To give you an example of how that actually looks in real life … here’s mine. I’ve managed to create NINE points of difference, which together make me stand out like a purple unicorn on a grey day. They really pack a punch:

  1. I have a degree in psychology and apply that theory to my clients and their customers, getting under the skin of their desires, needs and struggles to deliver exactly what they crave.
  2. I created this multi-six figure business when I was seven months pregnant, jobless, homeless and a single mum. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed, confused, unsure if it’s all going to work out ok. I know how to bootstrap when money is tight, and all of this I pass on to you.
  3. I’ve worked with global brands, corporates, agencies and tiny business owners, and I take that broad, deep experience and apply it to your business. Brands like Wagamama, Universal, BBC, National Geographic and many more. Very few business coaches have this breadth and depth of experience.
  4. I’ve struggled with visibility and putting myself out there for years. It was a huge thing to overcome and I still have the odd moment when I hide, but I know I need to push through it to reach my business goals.
  5. I am an UTTER control freak and perfectionist, and I have to rein myself in otherwise I waste time and energy on unimportant things.
  6. For someone who seems very confident, I’m actually an introvert and just LOVE my alone time. I”m really not that great at big parties.
  7. I’m ridiculously passionate about helping people create businesses with integrity. There’s so much nonsense online, so many people being taught unethical ways of doing business, with people being ripped off left, right and centre .. it makes my blood boil. I want to show people how to make great money without losing their integrity along the way.
  8. My clients see a huge transformation both in themselves and their business. I help them build the confidence and self-belief they need to grow their business, the strategic framework they need to create a robust strategy on which to build, and the implementation planning to get shit done.
  9. Using my 10 Step Business Strategy Framework, clients get clear on the essential elements needed to build a strong business. My unique Smart Marketing System helps them to create an easy, replicable system that brings relevant, consistent leads into the business, ready to convert, and my 90 Day Plan creates an easy-to-follow plan that helps clients to achieve their strategic goals.

See how easy it is to pull out what makes you YOU?

This is how I help my clients learn how to build confidence, stand out from the online nonsense and do business with integrity. And it works.

I’d love to hear what makes YOU stand out. Head on over to my free, private Facebook Group and share yours with me.


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