How To Use Clubhouse For Business

how to use clubhouse for business

Clubhouse has created quite a storm in the online world, with many early adopters creating big results, fast.

For those first stepping into the Clubhouse world, it can seem a little daunting as it’s unlike anything else out there.

So here are a few tips to help you on your way. If you need more though, do check out my Ultimate Clubhouse Starter Kit here.

1. Schedule your time on there. It can be a tremendous time suck and you will lose hours. Be intentional with your listening time and who you listen to.

2. Have notifications turned OFF so you don’t get FOMO when you’re not in ‘listening’ time.

3. Have a Google Doc or similar open to note the lessons, then review this at the end of the day and either park the ideas or integrate them with current projects if they help you. Commit to implementing one piece of advice daily to create a compound affect.

4. Step into your expert! Imposter Syndrome can hit with all those voices taking up space, so take your space and put your hand up to speak on the virtual stages where you have something to add. This is a brilliant way of establishing credibility as well as building community.

5. Most are very open to connection and collaboration, if you see someone you’d love to connect with, reach out and offer to help them first before you ask for something.

6. Give value without expecting to monetise, this sets a more positive frequency that will attract people to you.

7. Schedule your own rooms where you’re the expert and both plan and moderate them well. Some rooms are a shit show, so those that create inclusive, safe spaces will become the most popular.

8. Integrate with Instagram or Twitter to continue the conversation and give them a clear CTA for how to connect.

9. Create a powerful Bio. We are seeing a lot of action come from good bio’s so it’s worth a bit of time. Do go check out mine for inspiration … @gemmawent on CH.

10. Lean in and if it feels like a great platform for you, brilliant go with it. If if feels out of alignment and a time suck, leave it alone. You don’t HAVE to be there.

Above all, enjoy it for what it is

If you’d love to understand more about how you can strategically use Clubhouse to build your list, your community and your sales, then do check out my ULTIMATE CLUBHOUSE STARTER KIT here

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