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Yesterday, I shared a series of solid business tips from some of the digital entrepreneurs I’m blessed to share the online stage with. 

Each of those online rockstars knows exactly what they’re talking about when it comes to building a brilliant business, but they also know that you can’t get complacent. To achieve all of those goals (financial and otherwise) you have to work on growing your business.  So I asked them:

What growth strategies will you be implementing in 2017?

As always, these guys showed up with some real gems:

Lacy Boggs, Content Strategist:

I think my word for 2017 is going to be focus. Focus on the strategies that work, on the metrics that tell the real story, and on the goals that will make the most impact.

Cailen Ascher, Clarity Coach for Women Entrepreneurs:

Automation. I’m pregnant with Baby Girl #2 right now and will be taking off 3 months or so. That means I want to have as many automatic systems, funnels and strategies in places to keep things going and growing, even while I step away and enjoy time with my daughters.

Breanne Dyck, Founder of MNIB Consulting:

Eschew incremental growth. It’s more of a mindset than a strategy, which leads itself to a number of sub-strategies: building out the team, investing in acquiring customers, taking more time off (doing less is the way to accomplish more), and surrounding myself with peers and colleagues who will constantly push me to do so.

Jenny Fenig, CEO & Coach:

I’m developing an awesome evergreen lead generation and sales funnel that gives my tribe an amazing and affordable taste of the transformation they deserve.

Michelle Warner, Online Business Strategist:

Leverage. And leverage all things: my time, my content, my skills and my knowledge. Using leverage to scale is something I work with clients on all the time but have been terrible doing for myself. The old ‘cobbler’s kids have no shoes’ thing. For me 2017 is all about practicing what I preach.

Laura Husson, Big Dreamer at Business Beyond Belief & Director of Husson Media Ltd:

I’m going to be building my Facebook group and establishing authority in my niche in an open and giving way. The group is going to be my primary focus with my lead magnets and content strategy all funnelling people to my list and subsequently to my community.

Jo Gifford, CEO of Brilliance:

I’ll be streamlining my processes to focus on creativity and strategy. Next year I’ll be stepping straight out of my comfort zone, into the spotlight, but for that to happen I need to have the behind-the-scenes part sorted.

Automation, whip-smart workflows and trusting in the lovely Team Diva will be key if I want to make a real impact doing what I love.

Melissa Ramos, Nutritionist, with a background in Chinese Medicine, Sexy Food Therapy @

Hiring 1000%.

I have a hormone membership group and hiring more practitioners to facilitate it and working on a process to create a kick-butt team will allow me to grow my membership. It’ll give me the opportunity to write my book proposal as well.

Seeing the evolution of my membership (an online clinic) and hiring accordingly will be the biggest point of growth for me.

Rebecca Tracey, Business & Marketing Coach for Coaches at The Uncaged Life:

Showing my face more to my people through FB Live, webinars, and videos. Connection is HUGE when you do everything online, and video is a fast track to connecting with your audience.

Ariel Frey, Intuitive Business Strategist & Success Coach:

Spend $20,000 or more a month on Facebook Ads running to high-converting sales funnels.

Chantelle Adams, Professional Speaker, Speech Stylist & Courage Igniter:

Spend time each morning writing, reflecting and getting into nature… add more time to just BE, to have fun, to be creative, to do new and exciting things in my life because I know when I am courageously LIVING my business will flourish.

Angela Lauria, President at The Author Incubator:

12 weeks of planned vacation! My business bestie was shocked when she learned I worked pretty much every day.

Her advice was to only work the first 3 weeks of every month! I knew if I just said I was taking a week off I’d never do it. So I’ve booked amazing vacations with my husband and 10 year old including Paris, Copenhagen, Sydney, an Alaskan cruise, Israel, England, Australia and the South of France.

Susan Ferraro, Mindset Coach & Writer:

Automation and visibility are the name of my 2017 game.

My strategy behind that and for everything is my energetic ROI. Meaning the intention behind everything I do, be or have is asking will this charge my battery or drain it?

And if it will drain energy, how much? And is it worth it? Will I gain energy in the long term?

I believe our energy is the key ingredient to how we create, attract and perceive both time and money. (As well as being the key to feeling free, happy and ALIVE)

Living in this way has become the foundation of my business and my whole life.

Racheal Cook, Business Growth Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs:

Automation. Last year, we automated an entire sales process for a brand new training that added an extra $80,000 to my bottom line. It opened my eyes to what is really possible for the other areas of my business.

Gemma Went, Online Business Consultant:

I’m looking to increase the automation in my business that will allow me to scale. I have the one-to-one element nailed, but that can only grow as big as my available hours allow.

I plan on automating so many areas of my business, including empowering my team to manage things without my involvement (that one’s a biggie), sales funnels that nurture a true relationship with my people and other automated strategies that will keep my business ticking along nicely without my input,  allowing me more time to create and grow the business.


So how about you? What growth strategies will you be implementing in your business in 2017?


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