The four things you must focus on to grow your online business

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the four things to focus on now to grow your online business

With so much going on around us, it can be hard to focus on our businesses.

It feels overwhelming, which can create second guessing and freezing, when what we should be doing is taking action and moving forward.

But that’s hard right now, right?

Because when we’re stuck in fight, flight or freeze, it’s hard to know what to focus on or what to do next.

So I wanted to share with you the four things you need to focus on now that will create that forward momentum you need in your business.


So much is changing all around us, and what we think our customers need could be changing with it. Priorities change, needs change, dreams change, and we need to tweak the focus of our offers to change with them.

Listen to what your people are saying. What is the biggest problem keeping them awake at night right now that you can solve? Go and ask them what they need or where they are struggling the most. Get on a few calls and understand the nuances behind what they’re saying.

In this we find the golden nuggets of insight that can help us tweak our products, services and the messaging around them to make them far more magnetic to what our customers need right now.

Remember, people need solutions to their most pressing problems. Be the solution that gets them the quickest result and they will love you for it.


This is the life blood of your business. Are you creating enough of the right leads that will create the right revenue to cover your operating expenses and make a profit?

It really is a numbers game, the more leads you have the more conversions you get. And the more conversions you get, the more revenue you make.

Look at how you’re bringing those leads into your business and how you’re attracting the right people with your messaging (see the first point), while also being sensitive to what our world is going through. Messaging is incredibly important now, and it’s easy to hide away for fear of getting it wrong, but that won’t help you, your business or our world. We need you out there, we need this money to flow.

Are you bringing people in, nurturing and making offers consistently?

Are you creating leads on different platforms?

Are you making your content work hard to create leads from every single piece?

Are you offering a lead magnet that takes your people on a journey to buy?

Are you offering discovery calls if thats part of your strategy, every single day?

Are making offers every single day?

Lead generation is an essential, daily activity for us all and it needs to be happening now more than ever.


This follows on from the second point. It’s all well and good bringing leads into the business, but if you’re not converting them when they get there, it’s a complete waste of time.

What happens to your people when they join your list? Enquire about working with you? Comment on your content?


Because this is where you need to get busy with a process that turns those leads into conversions, every single day.

Invite people to a call and be ready with your best words to welcome aligned clients in and show them just how you’re the perfect solution to their big problem.

Create ‘funnels with feeling’ that take them on an experiential journey of you and your business, every step of the way connecting deeper with them so that when you make your offer, they’re ready to jump.

Look at your sales pages and check if they’re doing a good job. Is your messaging right? Are you focussing on the right things for them? Are you making them feel safe that you’re the right person for them to invest in?

Do you run lives or webinars? Are you putting your best self out there and making an offer at the end to convert them?

This is where most business owners and entrepreneurs fall down, so think about how you can improve those conversions as this will directly affect revenue.


Finally, the most important point.

Delivery is about your services and products and how you show up for your customers and clients.

Deliver on your promises, in fact over deliver right now as this will help with retention. I don’t mean work yourself into the ground, but give them a little extra because people are scared and appreciate those who go the extra mile, it will mean they want to stay around longer, plus it feels damn good.

Listen to your people, do you need to tweak what you offer slightly to fit the climate? For example, I launched my implementation membership, Consistency Club, in February. Originally I offered one mentoring call a month, but when the pandemic hit I moved that to one call a week, so I could show up and support. They loved it so much, and four months later my retention rate inside the membership is 95%, even with everything going on. And honestly, I love showing up for them too.

Delivery is everything. Its your reputation and its your revenue. So focus on giving the best you can and your people will love you for it.

I hope some of that helps. If you took at least one idea to improve things in your business I’ll be happy.

If you’d like to understand more about what you can be doing to improve your results, then join my free masterclass next week on: How to boost your business right now, without losing your sanity, your savings or your soul.


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