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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m talking about how I’ve managed to create such a fantastic online community with Simply Smart Business, and how you can do the same.

Not too long ago, a lot of the big entrepreneurial names started closing down their (massive) Facebook groups. Today I’m sharing why I decided to go against the grain and stick with mine AND how I’ve grown it into a safe, nurturing space for every member.

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Create really clear boundaries

You have to be clear on the guidelines for your group, or all hell can break loose.

From the very beginning, I’ve made it clear that there will be no promos in mine unless we’re having a specific promotions day. If somebody comes in and promotes their business, the post is deleted. If they do it twice, the person is.

The one element of self-promotion that I do allow is #FreebieTuesday, where everyone can come in and share their lead magnet or another piece of free content.

Promote kindness and compassion

I’m also super clear on where I stand in terms of healthy debate versus online bullying. I don’t allow that to happen in my group and I think I’ve been really lucky in that it never has – but that goes back to being very clear on what is and is not acceptable.

Talk about your community far and wide!

If you want to grow your group, you need to talk about it on every single channel you’re using, on your website, in your email signature, on the thank you page of your lead magnets, in any podcast interviews you do, or guest posts you publish.

Create themes

Daily themes are a great way to get people showing up and starting different kinds of conversations. I like to mix mine up every now and then, but right now we have:

  • #MondayGoals – we set goals for accountability
  • #FreebieTuesday – we share our free stuff
  • #FeedbackWednesday – we ask for group support/feedback on the things we’re working on
  • #CoachingThursday – people share the things they need support from me about
  • #FridayLive – we all do a (promo-free) livestream in the group

Show up

When your group gets bigger, for the most part the members will take care of each other, but it’s important to keep showing your face and delighting your people. My #FridayLive theme is a great way to keep me doing this each week.

However, if you have paid Facebook groups, it’s important that you show up more in those than in your free community, because those members are paying for your time.

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