10 ways to get traffic FAST

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Creating the right kind of traffic for your website or sales page is a pressing concern for any business owner.

We all want the clients of our dreams to be reading every blog post, signing up to our mailing list and eagerly buying our offerings… but you have to make sure they can find you before any of that can happen.

Before we get going with my top 10 ways to get traffic to your site, I feel like I need to say one thing. This is not about conning anyone and everyone into clicking on your links. It’s not about buying traffic just to raise your numbers. It’s about targeting your marketing efforts and making sure that the readers you do get are engaged, interested, and share your values.

Grab hold of topics already trending

Taking advantage of topics that are particularly “off the moment” in your niche, is a brilliant way to expose your content to a wider audience.

Make a note of key industry dates, and stay apprised of Twitter’s trending topics, then feed these into your content promotion strategy.

Share your stuff as humanly possible – but be mindful

There are two universal truths you should know, with regards to sharing content on social media.

First of all, you should share each and every post you publish across every platform, multiple times. You can’t expect every follow to notice every update.

Secondly, be aware that 80% of the stuff you share online should be non-promotional. That means sharing content from other sources, to avoid being spammy.

Craft punchy post titles

Drafting snappy headlines for your content is a surprisingly simple way to ensure you see more click-throughs on social media.

For my totally idiot-proof guide to creating striking titles for your blog posts, videos and podcast episodes, click here.

Ask for what you want

Do you want your readers to tweet quotes from your blog posts? Then use Click-to-tweet to make it clear.

Do you want your readers to pin your posts for later? Then add that to your closing call-to-action.

Do you want your readers to forward your emails to friends that might be interested? Then remind them to do that before signing off.

Replay to your heart’s content

In the online business world there are so many ways to create content. Webinars, live streams, podcasts, screencasts…

If you’re already creating all that good stuff, why not post the replays on your website, and extend their lifespans a little? If you decide to do this, mention at the end of your piece that the replay will be available over on your site so that your audience is aware.

Optimise all your content

I know I’m preaching to the choir when I say that easiest way to get found online comes alongside on-point SEO. But contrary to popular perceptions, search engine optimisation isn’t such a complex science.

My top tip for anybody getting started with digital content is to install the Yoast SEO plug-in. It scans each page of content on your site, and provides you with a handy list of tips to improve your ranking. What could be simpler?

Sharing’s caring

Get together with a small group of peers in your industry and start a sharing syndicate. In essence, this means you agree to share each other’s free content on social media to help you all reach a larger (relevant) audience.

Comment on other blogs (strategically)

Engage with influencers in your niche by going straight to the source.

Search for the topics you write about, and leave thoughtful comments on a few of the best posts you find. I’m talking about a bit more than saying “hey, nice post”. Share your own experience, or a tip you think would complement the post.

Get into the habit of commenting on those blogs regularly, and building the connection organically.

Repurpose your stuff

Not all followers will follow you everywhere, so repurpose your content for different platforms.

This might mean you republish a version of your last post on Medium, or let it inspire a Slideshare presentation for LinkedIn, or create a batch of on-brand quote graphics for Instagram.

Be creative with the ways you promote your content.

Get social with your advertising

Currently, I can’t think of a single platform that doesn’t offer advertising options. I myself have seen some create results with Facebook Ads, for a relatively low spend.

Having said that, I wouldn’t recommend paying to promote every single blog post – that could get pricey. However, if you’re undertaking a list-building exercise, or launching a new product, go for it!


Wait – there’s more! For 40 more ways to get traffic faster than you would think, click on the image below:


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