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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show I’m talking about how to hunt down your people online, using the power of social media.

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One of the things I’m asked most frequently is where, and how, business owners can find their people online, so this show is dedicated to all of you facing this particular challenge.

Before we dive into finding your people, let’s just review my golden rules of social:

Be where your people are.

Don’t invest all your time and energy into a platform just because it’s your favourite – I know this advice will come as a disappointment. You want to be focusing on the platforms where your people actually hang out, because that’s where you’re going to get the results.

Be selective.

Very few people have time to be everywhere on social media these days. There are so many to choose from, and it’s not an effective use of time to be everywhere. Pick one or two channels and focus on those. Be consistent, show up, and take action.

Keep your goals in mind.

Always think about what you want to achieve for your business before you even start, then plan how your social media activity can help you achieve those aims.

Don’t get obsessed by the competition.

FOMO can be powerful, but really it’s no good for anyone. It can be a challenge to ignore what everyone else is doing, but try to stay in your own lane.

Now let’s get stuck into the meat of the issue – finding your people on social.

First of all, let’s be clear about something. Your “people” are not just your customers and clients. They’re your peers, the influencers in your industry, suppliers, and all sorts of other people that will really be able to help you.

Think about the interests each of these audiences have. What are they reading? What are they buying? What are their job titles?  Where online are they asking questions?

Use these notes to search for your people on the different platforms, and pick those channels where they seem most active.

  • On LinkedIn you’ll find most working people over the age of 30, but you’ll need to figure out if they’re really active there, or if they’re using it as a more passive digital CV.
  • Twitter’s search function is really comprehensive, and makes it easy to uncover where your people are hiding. Twitter tends to be particularly great for finding influencers and monitoring their activity.
  • Facebook also has nifty search functionality, which helps you understand more about the interests of your people. As an example, you can search for pages liked by people who’ve liked a competitor’s page.
  • Instagram, as you will imagine, works brilliant for visual businesses. The hashtags can be particularly insightful – search for key tags in your niche and take a look at the results. If numbers are huge, you know your people are there.

I go into more detail on each of these platforms in this week’s episode, and share some of my favourite tools for getting top results.

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