5 fears that could have kept me small

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Fear can be debilitating, there’s no denying it.

Fear can make you feel weak. It can make you feel like you’re not the right person to do this. It can make you feel like you’ll never “get there” or like you’ll never find the success you’ve been dreaming of since you started this business.

When I show up online, I show up with a lot of confidence and a lot of self-belief, but it hasn’t always been that way. I’ve felt fear, in fact, I still feel fear – the difference is that I don’t let the fear keep me small. I don’t let it hold me back from my dreams.

Today I’m going to share five big fears that could have ended it all for me… but they didn’t. Because I did something about them.

The fear that my writing was rubbish.

Can you believe I used to find it super hard to create content? If you’ve read my business case study, you’ll know that for the first year or so I avoided putting any of my words “out there” because I was so scared that everyone would see I was terrible at it.

But then I hired my content manager, Daire, and all of a sudden, the pressure was off! I just started to write and blow me down with a quill… I was actually good at it!

The big lesson:

Remove the pressure of that thing you can’t do, then give it another go.

The fear of getting visible.

This went really deep. I had the most terrible stage fright and couldn’t stand the thought of really being exposed and SEEN. It was definitely connected to my feeling of not being enough and took a lot of work to overcome.

I did some deep hypnotherapy work to help me deal with my past traumas, heal those old wounds and also give myself the space and love I needed to start setting myself small visibility challenges. This really pushed me to step out from my comfort zone, and look where we are now!

The big lesson:

Do the inner work. Heal. Then go for it.

The fear of not being enough.

This was my biggie, and the fuel for most of my other fears if we’re being honest.

Like I said, a lot of deep hypnotherapy work went into this one, and I continue to do mindset work around this. I now have a little emergency toolkit that I can crack open as soon as I feel my triggers (yes, they still happen, it’s a lifelong commitment, this mindset stuff!)

The big lesson:

Don’t brush your feelings or beliefs aside. This stuff is big, it’s important and it can be the thing that signals your biggest growth.

The fear of failing (at anything).

Because failing means I’m a crap person, right?

For a long time my self-worth was attached to my success and that held me back, but I found a way to disconnect my fear from my self-belief. I reframed failure as an opportunity to learn and grow (something I continue to remind myself every now and then). It worked!

The big lesson:

Reframe your beliefs and never attach your self-worth to anything you do with your business.

The fear of actually succeeding.

Gah! Success would mean I have to be even more visible! More people will see me, judge me, think I’m too big for my boots… I’ll have to commit to being “out there” and I won’t be able to keep hiding! I’ll have to keep serving all the clients I’ve attracted… what if I want to stop??

That paragraph you’ve just read? Another bunch of negative self-beliefs that needed rewriting, just like that pesky fear of failure.

The big lesson:

Listen to your fears and what they’re telling you. They’re drawing attention to something deep within that needs a bit of work.


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