How to make Facebook work for you NOW

Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m talking about Facebook’s latest update. It seems to be scaring quite a few of you, so I thought I’d share a few tips on how you can still get the results you crave, despite the changes.

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In a nutshell, Facebook has announced the rollout of a series of changes to improve user experience. There’s a shift of focus to engagement and interaction rather than “broadcasting” from brands. While this might seem like it’s going to make things a lot more difficult for those of us trying to market our businesses, there are still ways for you to make an impact.

Think about how you show up across all of Facebook, not just your page. I think Facebook will score you based on how you behave on your personal profile and in your groups, so make sure you’re always sharing useful things and having great conversations.

Don’t be lazy with your content. Don’t just automate the sharing of links and promotional posts. That doesn’t mean you have to be wasting a ton of time on everything you put out there – it could just be a case of asking a relevant question and getting a discussion started. If this is an activity you try, schedule in some time to come back and respond to each comment.

Treat your Facebook page like more of a website. Make it look great. Have your offers available on it as well as a clear way to join your mailing list. I have all of my freebies linked in the description of my cover image.

Think about doing more lives and more video. This a scary prospect for a lot of people, but it does really work. This is something I’ll be working into my strategy. I’m planning a weekly live show on my Facebook page, and also an “expert” session from one of my lovely clients or masterminders. If you need a safe space for practising your live streams, come and join us for #FridayLive over in the Simply Smart Business community.

In conclusion, it’s only a Facebook update. You can do this!

Listen to this episode here:

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