Facebook reviews, Twitter quick replies, Periscope masks and more

Facebook rolls out features to facilitate reviews

The volume of ratings and reviews posted on Facebook has been steadily increasing for a while, and this latest batch of updates aims to capitalize on that. These include beng able to “list” your business through Professional Services, friend-based recommendations, and direct transactions (which enable customers to place orders, book consultations, or ask for a quote).

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Twitter brings us quick replies and welcome messages

These new features are designed to enhance conversations between customers and brands. The idea is that businesses will be able to reduce wait times and show consumers how to interact with them in the most effective way.

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Periscope launches lighthearted masks for streams

Periscope has followed Snapchat and Facebook into the realm of video masks (but these are currently only available on iOS devices). These masks aren’t quite as polished as the offerings from other platforms, but they’re still a fun addition.

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Repost to Instagram using Buffer

Everyone’s favourite social media scheduler has finally released a new way to easily repost content on Instagram.

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Instagram adds shopping tags to boost product discovery

Retailers are now able to add shoppable tags to their photography – these tags will appear as overlays that include product pricing. A simple tap will take customers to that product’s page for more information.

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Medium makes stories more beautiful

Community blogging platform Medium has released three new features to improve the appearance of your articles. Users are now able to create image grids, write inline code and drag and drop imagery, to give posts more visual appeal.

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Pinterest adds more ad options

Pinterest is evolving into THE platform for eCommerce, and these latest features definitely fall in line with that aim. These new goodies include Promoted App Pins, One-Tap Promoted Pins and Promoted Video (which previously was unavailable for UK-based pinners).

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