Expert Q&A – The Facebook Ads Success Formula

This week’s Simply Smart Social Expert Q&A was all about learning to beat the news feed algorithm with your Facebook ads. Hosted by Loredana Baranga of Marketology, this was a really helpful session. For 24/7 access to our community of brilliant minds, join us here.

What’s the biggest mistake people make with Facebook ads?

I think it’s probably not testing what resonates with their audience and starting ads without warming up their followers.

What the easiest way to test that?

If you use Power Editor, you can duplicate ads and change one element only A/B testing. You can also run the ad for different audiences, and see which is converting better.

What’s a reasonable amount to spend on ads?

It really depends on your page and your audience. I have an example of a “like” campaign run over 30 days on $230. It brought 1262 likes (so that’s $0.18).

Make sure you have a special landing page for better conversions, and if one ad is not converting well you should start from scratch. Look at the frequence and relevance parameters.

Being consistent with your daily activity on Facebook brings you great results with organic reach, and also brings the ad cost down.

Which converts better, an ad or a promoted post?

Promoted posts used to fare better, but Facebook has run a few updates since then. Now boosted posts convert just as well.

One tip for boosting posts – leave the post to gain some organic reach for 2-3 hours, then boost it.

If possible, in the 10 minutes after posting something, like share and comment on the page. This makes Facebook think that content is worth pushing in front of your followers, as people are engaging with it.

Also, when you have great engagement on a page, your ad cost will get lower.

Which is better, A/B testing, or testing different audiences?

You will need to do both. I would place the same ad to different audiences (as different ads). Then I’d A/B test with headlines and pictures for one audience. But only change oe element, or it’s no longer A/B testing.

Other points to consider

  • The cost of ads will go up if there are lots of buyers fighting for the same audience, so be aware of large-scale launches in your niche.
  • Videos are a great way to increase engagement, put make sure they are native to Facebook, not links from YouTube, Vimeo, or another platform.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Loredana for taking the time to share her knowledge. For live access to the weekly Expert Q&A’s, join the community.


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