European social media trends

[tweetmeme]I’ve been doing some research on social media usage for a client’s business case project and came across this useful slideshare presentation from Tom Smith at Trendstream (@tomtrendstream on Twitter).

It’s a presentation he gave to the IAB Europe Social Media Research Showcase in October 2009. His presentation looked at Social Media involvement across Europe, motivations to get online, the impact of social media and the evolution needed from companies and brands.

There are some great stats and findings that I thought I’d share with you here. I’m particularly liking the distinction between the social media hype and reality, something we all need to pay more attention to. Looking at different motivations is also interesting, a key factor in understanding your audience.

[slideshare id=2347624&doc=iabsocialmediaresearchoctober22nd2010-091026050438-phpapp02]

He goes into more detail on the implications of his findings here.

And Tom, if you get a ping back from this link. Thanks very much.


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  1. Rich Baker says:

    Great presentation. Thanks for sharing Gemma. Interesting data on use of social media in europe. It wasn’t clear to me if Russians use/get access to Twitter – can anyone shed any light?

  2. Camilla @ Dyson says:

    Hi Rich

    Can only say anecdotally that i’ve seen Russian tweets about Dyson products, so I would assume from that yes…they can access and do indeed tweet.


  3. Great insight on the European innovation of socal media and where it’s direction!

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