Essential Digital Marketing Tools

Struggling to understand what digital tools to use for your business? Well struggle no more.

Smart Insights, the hub of actionable marketing advice, has developed a comprehensive guide to essential digital marketing tools.


essential digital marketing tools

Rather than simply listing out an endless number of insight and management tools, they’ve grouped each resource across the RACE planning framework.

For those that haven’t come across RACE planning, it’s a structure to streamline your marketing strategy, and help digital marketers coordinate their activities:

R – Reach. Building awareness of the brand.

A – Act. Interacting on websites and social media to generate leads.

C – Convert. Encouraging your audience to take the next step.

E – Engage. Developing that long-term relationship.

This fantastic guide breaks each tool down and demonstrates which should be used during each phase of your marketing activities, for maximum effect.

For more information, or to download your copy of Essential Digital Marketing Tools, click here.


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