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You might have noticed, but last week I ran a little thing called Elevate Live.
My vision for Elevate Live was big. I wanted to create a truly inspirational experience, where small business owners could come together and learn what it takes to step up and stop playing small. I wanted to empower them to take things to the next level of both business and personal growth, whatever level that was for them.

I wanted to create a hybrid: a conference + a retreat + a mastermind.
I wanted it all.

Which was a big bloody risk, it could easily have fallen on its arse.
But it didn’t.

In fact it exceeded my expectations and I’m still processes the level of connection and the depth of transformations. Which are still going on as all of my attendees are now in a mastermind for a month to help implement what they learnt.

But here’s the thing. Not only did it help them to take things to the next level. It did it for me too, which I wasn’t expecting.

Everything feels different now. So many of the beliefs that were holding me back have gone.

You see I did the thing that I’d kept hidden for many years. I told my story. All of it. Not for the sake of telling my story, Not for the sake of telling my story, not as a marketing tactic, but to show other women who have been through what I have that things can be different, that no matter what your history, you can make it.

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it felt amazing to move through the fear, the shame the judgement that had been with me for some long. And now it’s gone.

I was joined on stage my ten amazing speakers, all sharing their genius to help the people in the room create the business and personal growth needed to take things to the next level.

And now, I’d love to share with you my takeaways. Or at lest, some of them (honestly, I’m still processing it all!).

Your mission is bigger than your fear

My mission is to help women turn their lives around with a successful business. To inspire them, to help them create unwavering self belief that they CAN do it. This is what got me on stage. This is what got me through my talk. It held me as I told my deepest, darkest story. Because no matter how big the fear, if you’re clear on your mission, on your why, it’s far bigger than your fear.

Sharing my truth was more important than the fear that held me back, I had no choice. I had to share it, to empower and inspire the women in the room to create their version of success, just as I had.

Once I had hooked into this, my fear evaporated in a puff of smoke.
Do you have that why? The mission that will see you through? If not, it might be time to go within and create something so powerful, fear will never get a look in.

Relationships are everything

We spend our lives online. Connecting, learning, inspiring. And that’s great. But nothing can replace the deep connections and relationships formed when you’re in a room with someone. I don’t think I’ve ever hugged so many women in two days, but man it felt good.

The relationships we formed were everything and it’s made me think about how I can deepen them both with my clients and my audience.

I’ve been thinking about how I serve, how I show up and how I can go deeper with it. I’ve already designed a few new elements for my Elevate Mastermind (many of who were in the room at Elevate Live) to continue to deepen our relationships with each other and I will be doing that in every area of my business.

My job is to serve to the best of my ability and I commit to listening to feedback, watching reactions and improving how I show up.

Could you do the same? The best way to start is with an audit of how you serve now. Could you take that further? Could you give more? Could you get them to the desired result faster? There are always ways to innovate and go deeper, we just need to look out for the clues.

People need more than the shine

One of the big things that struck me at Elevate Live as the need for realness. People have grown tired of the fakeness of our online world. They tired of the shine. They crave the imperfect.

We had real conversations, talked deeply about real problems and tackled taboo topics that need to be tackled. THIS is where the work is and this is where we get the real transformations.

The realness of Elevate Live gave all of us permission to just be … US. Without the comparison. Without the BS. Without the shine. And the world is a much better place for it.

Are you showing up as the true YOU? Sharing your realness, your story, your deeper thoughts? If not, try it. The connections you make may surprise you.

Without self belief, we won’t make it

This isn’t new for me, I talk about the importance of belief a lot. It was the main point of my story, that my unwavering belief is the thing that got me through and helped me to create the success I have today. It was this belief that created Elevate Live, even with the doubts were telling me I couldn’t pull it off.

It resonated with so many of the women. Women with their own stories, their own set of cards. Women who struggle to believe in themselves.

You see here’s the thing. I have utter belief in the women that work with me. I believe they CAN make it, if they show up and do the work.
But it’s not enough. If they don’t believe it, then it just won’t happen.
This is why it’s my mission to make every woman who works with me believe she can. Because, she can … when she believes.

Is lack of belief holding you back? Do you have goals that you TRULY believe you can reach? If not, go inwards, discover why you don’t believe and work on clearing that.

Women crave contact

The biggest learning from me from Elevate Live is that women here in the UK (and possibly further afield) CRAVE these in person events. I was asked about next year’s event from day 1. I was asked if I would put on more. I was asked to please commit to doing more offline stuff.

It was refreshing to see. So far my work has been predominantly online, but this real contact has given me a big injection of enthusiasm for doing more … so I am. And pretty much all of them will be at The New Hall Hotel + Spa, because my friends, I fell in love with it.

Coming soon is a quarterly review and planning retreat and, of course, Elevate Live 2020 is already locked in and tickets are on sale (in fact 30% have already been sold).

If this has connected with you, then do grab a ticket for Elevate Live next year, before the tickets go up next Friday 7th June. Go here to grab your ticket.

And if the quarterly review and planning retreat sounds good, get in touch and I’ll share more about it.



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