Do you need my certification?

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Do you NEED my certification to feel ready, enough, worthy?

No. You’re all of those things already. Yes even with that thing that you keep obsessing about. 

My certification isn’t about that, although it does tend to create unshakeable confidence as the process my students go through to uncover their uniqueness is powerful AF, healing those hold ups along the way with deep, fast energy work. 

What my certification does do, is show you the gaps and how to fill them. 

Because inside we don’t mind the gap. Or step over the gap. Or ignore the gap.

We jump into the gap and immerse ourselves in it, we pick it apart, we understand it and then come up with something so simple and unique everyone else wonders how the hell they didn’t think of that, while we smugly smile and give a ‘oh this old thing, it was nothing’ shrug of the shoulders, knowing full well that what we created was fucking genius.

Those gaps? Well there are a few…

⛔️ The gap between where you are now and that big bold dream you’re still clinging onto, even though the world around you is falling apart. 

⚡️And we give you the roadmap to get there without selling your soul to sleaze ball strategies and unethical coaches.

⛔️ The gap between your unaware ideal ‘oh my god I want to work with you’ prospect and the tuned in, super aware, ‘let me throw my money at your face’ clients who jump into your programs. 

⚡️And how you can move them from a scared and unaware prospect to a blissfully aware client who can both afford to invest, and does so, easily.

⛔️ The gap between your current set of amazing skills and those skills you need to go to the next stage, or add a new offer to your portfolio, or serve a different level of client, or command higher prices.

⚡️And how you can blend those already amazing skills of yours with a new proven set of skills that positions you in a brand new way that makes you the obvious choice in your niche, commanding a new level of clients, higher pricing and a whole new way of being in your business.

Why are these gaps important?

Because as we move into 2023 these gaps will become more and more apparent. Most are already feeling it. These gaps are what will sort the wheat from the chaff in our industry, as we see coaches with shallow skills and little experience fall away because they have no idea how to spot the gaps, let alone fill them. 

But those with deep, the right skills, able to spot the gaps, fill them with proven methods, as they shift and move with the market, will rise and prosper.

Inside the Conscious Consultant Certification you get to do all of this for yourself and your business, helping you to remove what won’t work in 2023 and shift into what will.

Most coaches charge 10k alone for similar programs.

But the cherry on top of the icing of the certification cake, is that you are then qualified to do ALL OF THIS FOR YOUR CLIENTS as you have my permission to steal those methods and use them as your own.

You see your clients will equally need help to spot the gaps and fill them to shift their business in 2023, they will see you as the obvious choice to help them as you stand head and shoulders above your peers with your unique blend of current skillset and the five proven methods you learn inside. 

So, no, you don’t need my certification to feel enough. 

But it will help you to become relevant in this market, improve conversion and retention rates, become the obvious choice in your niche and create a confidence in your work that magnetises.

Whatever level you’re at, whether you’re a business coach already or not, this is such a powerful next step for you to support you as you move through 2023.

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For those conscious souls ready to step up and serve. Suitable for established or new coaches.