Programmatic buying, Facebook refocuses, purchasing on Pinterest, and more…

Facebook to focus on friends and family

Last Wednesday Facebook announced another shift in the infamous News Feed algorithm. This update will promote family and friend content, rather than that posted by brands. This means pages with a high volume of “Page post” traffic may experience a decline, but those that rely on referrals are unlikely to see a massive impact.

Programmatic buying on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s new programmatic buying option gives you the opportunity to reach the right people with your Display Ads. For more information on how to set up yours, read this.

Facebook introduces slideshow video maker

Harnessing the popularity of video content, Facebook has launched a new flipbook-style update. Now, if you’ve taken over 5 photos or videos in the past 24 hours, you will be prompted to create a slideshow next time you go to update your status. Nice.

Pinterest to become THE platform for purchasing

Pinterest has revealed a series of upcoming updates, in a bid to establish itself as the market-leading e-commerce platform.

These new features include:

  • The Buyable Pins function moving over to the web-based site.
  • A “Shopping Bag” will allow users to shop across multiple websites and check out with a single transaction.
  • In-Pin search is to be upgraded, to help you identify products featured in an image.
  • Pinterest Shop – a new area designed to highlight new and exciting products.

If you’re selling online, you need to look at this.

The launch of Twitter Dashboard

Twitter Dashboard is a new (free) app designed to help businesses connect with their customer base by providing a single place to get everything done, from scheduling, to analytics, to monitoring what’s being said about your business. Take a look.

Facebook brings out additional Messenger Bot features

In April, Facebook announced their new Bots for Messenger (an automated system to enable users to engage with brands, with no effort from the business).

The new set of features include more varied response options, more dynamic content functionality and improved account management.

New teaching tools from Google

Google has released a series of new tools to help educators engage with students:


This app enables users to learn from over 200 immersive virtual experiences.

Google Cast for Education

This downloadable software allows students and teachers to share screens wirelessly, from anywhere in the room.

Quizzes in Google Forms

This Forms function will allow teachers to auto-grade questionnaires, reducing the amount of time spent marking student work.

Creative apps on Chromebooks

Explain Everything, Soundtrap and WeVideo are available as a bundle of apps the help students express themselves in more creative ways.


That’s it for this week folks.


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