Digital Britain by Dare

The smart folk at Dare have published a spanking report on Digital Britain. Even smarter is that to download this gem you have to pay with a tweet – a lovely little tactic to help spread the reach of this content far and wide. I like this kind of reciprocal activity, although one word of warning would be that the payoff has to be good to justify the tweet (which this is, of course).

The report covers mobile, the tablet market and, something close to my heart, online behaviours. All of that across 167 pages. Nice. If you can’t wait until the end of this post, download it here.

To give you a taster, here’s the summary: “TV and reading are alive and well, just finding new homes and forms. Men may rule some very small parts of the web but it’s the women doing most of the core internet activity: talking and shopping. Gaming is just as much something a middle-aged woman might be doing as a spotty lad. Women are visiting tech sites just as much as men. Most people ‘watch’ their music, through sites like YouTube; iTunes is a distant second. Twitter influence is actually very much in the court of ‘Old World’ media brands, not those with the most followers. The iPad is used overwhelmingly at home on weekday evenings.

These are only a few examples of the received wisdom for which there are more complex, subtler truths. Hopefully this report has addressed many of them as well as fleshing out our understanding of how people talk, watch, listen, read, play games, socialise, research and buy in today’s increasingly digital world.

The internet is becoming flatter, deeper and quicker. It’s reaching more people, on more occasions, on more devices, more speedily. Brands need to prepare for that future. Specifically, they need to ready themselves for an internet that no longer lives on a desk and that is no longer run by institutions. Prepare for people and places.

Given the scope of its ambition, this report is necessarily incomplete. Over time, as the evidence comes in, we can grow and refine our understanding.

So, this isn’t an ending, this is the start.”

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Download Digital Britain here.


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