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I’m really excited to introduce this episode of Be the change – partly because it was completely unplanned, partly because we’re diving into one of my favourite topics… mindset.

Rachel and I actually planned to talk about something else, but after having a little chat before we started recording, we both realised what we really need to talk about is MINDSET. In particular, we’re digging to how important this work is, and why the fluffy, rah-rah mindset niche in the online business world is doing far more harm than good.

Be the change is a mini-series here on The Simply Smart Business Show where I get down to it with leaders in the online business world to talk about the problems facing our industry today and (most importantly) how we can create the changes we want to see.

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Takeaways from this show:

  • Digging deep into the mind can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing (i.e. if you’re not really qualified). There has to be a clear line between what you can help and support your clients with, and where a professional needs to take over, whether that’s a mindset coach or a therapist. Know where your capabilities end.
  • Mindset isn’t just about inspiration, motivation and affirmations. It’s about delving into the mind, our belief system, our identity… and this can be like opening Pandora’s box. It can expose people to revisiting traumas which they may not be capable of processing or dealing with.
  • “Mindset work” has become such a general term in the online world that everyone seems to think they know how to do it. That’s actually not true.
  • These conversations are really important because all of us have got mindset issues. We’re all a work in progress. We’re never going to stop because as our business grows, we grow. We grow, our business grows. They’re all connected. Mindset work is arguably something that will always be a part of who we are.
  • Social media magnifies everything. If we have this wound of not believing we’re good enough, or worthy enough, this will become bigger and bigger the more we scroll through Facebook. Ultimately something will happen that will force you to seek help.
  • There is a vast difference between mindset issues and mental health issues.
  • We all have these energetic vibrations of our younger self that are literally within our energy fields. Sometimes these echoes become reactivated. The trauma gets reopened because of something that’s happened so we’re actually doing ourselves a disservice if we’re just trying to push through because actually these energetic echoes, these younger versions of us, they’re needing our help now. They need our love now. They need our acceptance now. They need healing now. And unless we’re actually in a position to recognise that and do it with somebody who knows how to do it, then not only is it a disservice to us but we can’t show up as the leaders that we’re supposed to be. We can’t help our audience better. We can’t be this fullest powerful potential of human beings to create impact in the world if we’re carrying this wounded part of us.

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Rachel Foy is a mindset mastery coach and soul alignment strategist for soul-driven female entrepreneurs who are hungry for more success, impact and happiness in their lives and business.

Besides freshly ground coffee and a massive slice of cake, she loves nothing better than helping female entrepreneurs and rising leaders fully step into their potential by quietening those mind monkeys! She basically helps women get out of their own way!

She’s a big dreamer. A visionary. Slightly obsessed with anything related to the mind, personal development and female empowerment. She’s spiritual AF, her spirit team are on the board of directors and she believes in magic.  We get to choose the life we wish to create for ourselves.

Rachel is very clear that she isn’t here to fix anyone but rather help them overcome, work through and heal whatever is holding them back from stepping into their fullest power and potential for even greater success in life and business.

This involves removing the blocks, changing the beliefs, re-writing the stories and healing the hurts which are holding them back so self-doubt, resistance, self-sabotage, procrastination, limiting beliefs, inner critic, feeling overwhelmed and inadequate become a thing of the past.

She’s a Clinical + Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, EFT practitioner, UK qualified Homeopath + Soul Work teacher. 

She lives in Cheshire with her husband Simon who she met at her sister’s wedding. He was the best man! They have a son and daughter.

Visit Rachel’s website here.

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