Dear 2020

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Dear 2020

I forgive you.

It’s not been easy, but I do.

Because one of the things you taught me was the power of forgiveness.

I thought I’d nailed that one before, but apparently not.

I also want to thank you, from the bottom of my soul, for so many things.

For showing me that I was on the wrong path, the one led by ego, the one that sucked me in as I prioritised things that aren’t a priority to me, the one that put me in a race I never wanted to win, let alone be in.

For showing me my shadows, and allowing me to sit deep within them and do the work I had to do there. Without fixing anything, without forcing a conclusion or solution. But with just … being, no matter how uncomfortable that got.

For showing me how to truly surrender, let go and sit in the emotions that came up, one after the other, as I relived betrayals, faced new ones, lost people who I thought would always be there, while fighting the urge to be seen as ‘right’ when I knew others were wrong.

For showing me what matters to me isn’t the stuff I thought it was, but actually something very different, and showing me what needs to change for me to have those things, no matter how hard that is.

For showing me that it’s okay to step-back, be less visible, be quiet and still be successful, without the big launches and fan-fares.

For showing me who and what actually matters and how I can let the rest fall away, with compassion and care.

For showing me the mess, the tears, the loss, the confusion, the self doubt, the imposter syndrome and all the things I thought I’d nailed … but now realise they’re still an important part of me and always will be. Because they make me feel, they make me check myself, they make me sink into the shadows and face what’s there … and be okay with that.

For showing me that – after all these years of being told by so many people – I am indeed a healer with some powerful gifts and it’s time to embrace them on every single level of my being.

For showing me how to go so much deeper and work at a higher level than I ever have before with the innate gifts I already have, plus the new modalities I’ve added to my skill-set this year.

For sending me the most soul-aligned clients I’ve ever had the pleasure of serving, who make me thankful that I get to do what I do as I watch them soar with awe, knowing that each powerful soul I help rise up in this world is one more powerful soul that will help to heal it.

For showing me my new direction, my new business, my new way of serving and my new mission that lights a spark in my soul every time I think of it.

2020 … thank you.

It’s time for us to part, and I do it with nothing but love and excitement for what your much calmer, cooler sister – 2021 – brings.


For those conscious souls ready to step up and serve. Suitable for established or new coaches.