How much time do you spend consuming?

On social media?




All the things?

And how much time do you spend creating?


Courses and programs.

Client support materials.

What’s the split for you?


Thing is, I think most of us have fallen into a habit of consuming most of the time, always looking for that next thing, the one thing that will help, the FOMO induced learning, the stalking of peers online world to see if you’re missing something.

When actually, more often than not, you don’t need any more. Your genius is already inside, but you’re pushing it further and further away because you ‘think’ you need to learn more. Be more. Do more.

And the one thing that can help you stop that …. is to create more.

Now I’m not saying don’t read books or stop learning altogether, not at all. I’m always looking to learn something new.

I’m talking about the unintentional scrolling of social media and the consumption of things that don’t serve you.

Being the creator not the consumer, completely switches the dynamic. It switches your energy. It switches your mindset.You step into the expert and out of the student.

It’s the ONE thing that always snaps me out of a funk the fastest.

Feeling triggered?

Write something.

Feeling FOMO?

Record a podcast.

Feeling resistance?

Create something new for your clients (bonus points if it’s something you can actually sell).

The minute you switch into creation mode, you realise that you know your shit. You focus your attention on what you can give, instead of what you want to receive.

Everything changes.

But it needs consistent commitment.

Do you allow enough time for this?

If not, schedule it.

I have creation afternoons and one creative week a month after realising what an impact this made on me and my business last year.

I’m also very intentional about what I consume (I will be sharing my new social media management strategy soon – I’ll do a live in my FB Group ‘Simply Smart Business’, so make sure you’re in there.

Be the creator, not the consumer. It changes everything.


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