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Create Your Breakthrough Business: Creating The Vision

Welcome to the first in a series of episodes where I’m talking about how you can create your breakthrough business. If you’re doing all the things, are feeling frustrated as everyone around you has big breakthroughs and wondering, “When is it going to be me?” then this series is for you.

Take a listen to this episode about how to create and embody your vision and discover the method I used when we wanted to buy our dream home last year. (And make sure you listen to the end for some super practical home work that can be a real game-changer in your business).

Listen to this episode here.

Takeaways from this show:

Give yourself permission to think big 

Without a vision you’ve got nothing to work towards. I see a lot of people fall down because, without a clear vision, they end up doing things that aren’t aligned. But if you’re clear on where you’re heading, you can create a roadmap to get there. 

Become aware of what those “yeah, but” stories 

When you’re dreaming big, don’t ignore those thoughts of “yeah, but I’m too old/not good enough/can’t really do that”, which are simply stories you’re telling yourself in an attempt to stay safe. Get clear on the fears that arise and remember that they are the result of your past – not your future.

Rewire your brain for success

Take those stories and replace, “I’m not good enough” with “I’m good enough to achieve X, Y, and Z.” Or, “I’m not smart enough” with “I’m smart enough to achieve X, Y, Z”.

Challenge your thoughts with possibilities

What if it were easy? 

What would I choose if I wasn’t afraid? 

Every client that leaves me is replaced tenfold. 

Every pound I spend comes back tenfold.

What if I’m enough already? 

What if my worth wasn’t attached to my outcome? 

What has been has no relation to what will be.

Create the environment for your vision

Believe anything is possible and seek proof from others by finding people that have done it. That way you’re proving to your brain that this can actually happen.

The release and receive effect

Release anything that doesn’t support your vision, e.g. past hurts, grudges, fears, stories, beliefs, habits, actions, behaviours, etc and then choose to receive what supports the vision.

Choose powerful affirmations (and repeat them regularly)

I choose for this to be easy. 

I am open to and worthy of abundance. 

I choose calm instead of stress. 

I am open to receive.

I can easily make more money without working any harder. 

By making more money, I can work less. 

Act from the vision now 

If you want different, you have to be, do and feel different. You have to show up differently because if you show up as you always have, you’re just going to get more of the same. Be of value because it starts to make you believe in your work and what you can do. Step into the leader you need to be in the vision now. 

Create supporting habits and behaviours

Think about self care, time to think and create, mindset work, doing things in your business that help you move forward, and the systems, routines and processes that will help you to do the right things consistently to get you to where you want to be. And above all, see your vision, embody it, and make the decision to go all in on it.

Refine your vision 

Get practical and refine your vision so it feels feasible. Decide on exactly what it is you want and a timeline for achieving it. What do you need to have done in 6 months/9 months/1 year to support your vision? Keep it to core goals only, that help you stay committed to your vision.


  1. Write down your vision as if it’s already happened. Describe it, feel it, embody it, really understand what that feels like. If resistant appears, ask for it to step aside and allow you to be in the vision. 
  2. Reframe your resistance by replacing each negative with a positive. 
  3. Write down three affirmations that help to support you. Put them everywhere! On post-it notes, your phone, your mirror, and keep repeating them until they become true.
  4. Use these morning journal prompts to support you:
  • Affirm: I choose to release. I choose to receive. 
  • Repeat your chosen affirmations
  • Practice forgiveness (of yourself and others)
  • Gratitude list
  • Future you visioning (write about your vision as if it’s already happened, as if it’s now).

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