The Ultimate Guide to Content Calendars

In the age of “content, content, content!” it has become so important to keep creating consistent, focused fodder for your blog, email marketing campaigns and social streams.

It can be a challenge. As business owners there is so much other stuff we have to do. We’re responsible for every other aspect of our businesses too. But content marketing cannot be ignored. It’s how we get the message out, find new clients, and establish ourselves as experts in our niches.

The simplest way to create content efficiently is to put together a content calendar for your business. Developing an organised system will take away the stress, show you exactly what you need to get done, and make content creation much easier to outsource (if you should wish to).

To help you start the New Year with a super-organised approach, I’ve sourced a fantastic free guide to give you everything you need, from inspiration, to tech, to translating your ideas to the page.

content calendar 2

The Content Calendar Coursemap, by creative copywriter Daire Paddy, rounds up everything you could ever want to know about developing (and filling) your content calendar, including:

  • Why you need to start a blog for your business
  • Organization and productivity for entrepreneurs
  • Types of web content
  • The (free) toolkit to create your calendar
  • Inspiration and idea generation
  • Bonus blogging prompts
  • Crafting high quality content
  • Extending the life of your content

Whether you’re struggling to streamline your content creation, or come up with really great ideas to promote your business, this is a fantastic reference tool.

content coursemap

Visit this page to download your copy of the guide, and get started on your content calendar. Embrace the tools that make your life easier.

Do you already have a content calendar for your business? I’d love to hear about the system that works for you!


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