Coming out of the spiritual closet

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So… I’m coming out of the spiritual closet. I’m letting my woo roam free. I know that this is a different kind of topic than the ones we usually discuss around these parts, but I just want to share the raw reality of my business with you, and part of that involves the spiritual awakening I’ve been experiencing recently.

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I’ve recently become very aware that I have certain gifts I hadn’t really acknowledged before.

I’m not one of your typical spiritual people – I work with a lot of amazing, fantastic spiritual people. Healers, energy workers, people that just have the most incredible gifts… and I’ve never really felt that I had anything like that. It wasn’t until last year when one of my clients mentioned something about me being an empath, that I really started thinking about this stuff.

It was a bit of a shock to me really. I mean, I’ve always trusted my gut when I make choices, but I didn’t think it was anything more than following my instincts and knowing my stuff.

The “empath” thing, is something I’ve been digging into and pondering ever since. I haven’t done too much with it yet, I wanted to really sit with it and figure out what it meant to me and my business.

The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realised that I really do have some phenomenal gifts. And I actually already use them with my clients. I’m incredibly intuitive – I often understand what they’re thinking before they do, and that really helps me to build strong connections with my peeps.

Another part of this spiritual awakening I’ve been experiencing has involved having “downloads” of amazing ideas and inspiring messages. Again, I’m on the journey of figuring out what it all means.

I feel like I’ve been handed a gift and I’m just so excited to open it and see how it works. It all feels so right.

I’m excited to see how it can all improve my work even more, but I’m also nervous. This is all brand new to me, and I don’t want to change everything about my work, because I do love what I’m doing right now.

When I talk about loving the woo side of things, I call it logical woo, because that’s my interpretation of it. I’m still a strategic thinker, but I have this other side of me that is open to woo and it’s open to the spiritual world and really focusing on mindset.

Logical woo. Let’s make it a thing.

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