My name’s Gemma and I’m a Clubhouse Addict

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Clubhouse addiction

So, I joined Crackhouse, sorry Clubhouse, a little while ago and just listened for a bit.

I wanted to hate it.

I wanted to state it was yet another time suck and I had no time for it.

But little by little it drew me in.

Like a beckoning seductress that knows all my weak points.

Finally I jumped in and ‘actually’ talked.

Live. Unfiltered. Unscripted.

And I fell in love.

This is where the power is for me.

I’ve been searching behind the shiny for ages, I’m sick of it, I yearn for real, raw humans that I’m pulled to for the right reasons, not because of a load of crafted copy designed to convince.

Right now, because of the newness of the platform and the slow roll out, there are a bunch of serious hard hitters sharing their knowledge freely. I have pages of notes in a Google Doc from people I would normally have to pay £££££s to be in a room with, and right now I’m making the most of that as I know this boom will end and they will go back into hiding (this happened when Twitter launched and I was all over that at the time too).

Clubhouse has made me seriously reconsider my social strategy for 2021. I already had a refocus on my podcast planned, but now I’m going all in on audio as it speaks to my introvert soul.

Yes there is a lot of masculine ego measuring going down, but I can see past that and take the magic.

And there’s a lot of magic.

In the last few days I’ve added around 600 new people to my CH and Insta audiences. Probably some Twitter too but I had no idea what that audience was before (hello new love of Twitter!).

I’ve connected with some soul aligned humans who are lighting me up.I’ve found a new coach for me, who is exactly what I needed and haven’t been able to find for my next big bold step.

Ive made at least 5 sales – without selling. They just followed the nudges in CH and the breadcrumbs from my profile.

I have new people in my funnels, currently being nurtured by my dulcet tones and – sometimes – clever insights.

But honestly, it’s less about that for me … it’s all about the connection and the opportunities it’s opening up. That’s what’s getting me excited.

For those still not sure, I wanted to share this to give you my humble opinion.

To those not in yet but want to be … the FOMO is real and I feel you. It will happen … keep connecting to those already in as the more we use it the more invites we get.

But a word of advice: don’t join to market or sell, join to be curious, to connect, to listen, to learn, to give freely with no expectation … when you do that the rest will come anyway.

If you’re on already, come connect with me @gemmawent.


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