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[tweetmeme] Over the past year or so, FMCG’s have had their fair share of social media successes and failures. In an industry where engaging with online communities and delving into the latest digital technologies doesn’t come all that naturally, FMCG’s have struggled to keep up with the social media scene – with some emerging more triumphantly than others.

The FMCG’s that have tasted social media success – PringlesMarmite and Cadbury to name but a few – have demonstrated themselves to be some of the most confident, creative and strategic implementors of social media out there. However, for their more apprehensive and less well-informed counterparts, they have found themselves lagging further and further behind in the race for social media success, and even tripping up on some of the most basic – and at times humiliating – of schoolboy errors. (Nestle anyone?)

Some interesting posts have emerged of late regarding the challenges FMCG’s face in the midst of social media and the digital revolution – not least Brand Channel’s Social Media a Cereal Killer? (in which Kellogg’s UK marketing director, Kevin Brennan, professes to his ‘slower-paced approach’ to social media and digital marketing) and Gordon MacMillan’s FMCG brands not even sure they should be in social media, which also explores Brennan’s skepticism towards the yet-to-evolve state of social media marketing.

Showcasing some of the highlights and lowlights of the industry’s social media involvements, here is a list of 30+ FMCG-come-SM case studies from the best to the most basic of social media campaigns – from the big brands to the little leagues.


How P&G is mixing traditional and social media

Business Blogging Blog // 03-05-10

Chiquita’s new website goes social

Business Blogging Blog // 08-04-10

How Clorox uses gaming mechanics in social media — live from BlogWell

Business Blogging Blog // 30/03/10

Nestle’s Facebook Page: How a Company Can Really Screw Up Social Media

Bnet // 19-03-10

Heineken Italy. Case Study – Champions League Match vs Classical Concert (Real Madrid, AC Milan)

YouTube // 13-03-10

Dove Self-Esteem Campaign — Learn Social Media by Example

Thoughtpick // 01-03-10

Dentyne uses Twitter to fill empty cup holders

Business Blogging Blog // 10-02-10

Learn Social Media by Example: Skittles Steals the Social Media Rainbow

Thoughtpick // 10-02-10

Proctor and Gamble embraces Facebook // 27-01-10

Social media case study from Adam Brown of Coca-Cola

Business Blogging Blog // 18-01-10

Colgate’s “Stealth Strategy” for Social Media

Social Media At Work // 15-01-10

PepsiCo, Facebook team up to stream live event

Business Blogging Blog // 14-12-09

PEDIGREE builds the largest photo mosaic ever

Business Blogging Blog // 09-12-09

The Marmarati

SlideShare // Dec 2009

Coca-Cola’s expedition combines social media at work

Business Blogging Blog // 12-11-09

Proctor & Gamble employees connecting via social media at work

Business Blogging Blog // 28-10-09

Red Bull uses social media to give fans a national adventure

Business Blogging Blog // 27-10-09

PepsiCo’s Bonin Bough on the changing marketing landscape and the rise of social media

Business Blogging Blog // 08-09-09

5 FMCG social media case studies

Simon Small // 25-08-09

Cadbury promotes a new chocolate bar using social media

Business Blogging Blog // 28-07-09

Kraft’s A1 runs a singing contest to give away free beef

Business Blogging Blog // 27-07-09

PepsiCo’s Josh Karpf: Using social media to connect on and offline

Business Blogging Blog // 13-07-09

Coca-Cola: A social media case study

We Are Social // 09-07-09

Social Media Case Study from Marc Monseau of Johnson & Johnson

Business Blogging Blog // 17-06-09


Womma // May 2008

Adam and Tyler’s Big Idea

Womma // Jan – Feb 2008

Case Study: Coke Wayne Rooney | Sector: FMCG | Objectives: Brand positioning, cut-through, buzz | Format: Online media, viral marketing, social media (PDF)

Digital Training Academy // June 2006

Case Study: Kellogg’s Special K Map My Fitness | Sector: FMCG | Objective: Brand positioning, purchase intent | Format: Social media, strategic marketing models, web design, web analytics (PDF)

Digital Training Academy // 2007

Case Study: Nestle tweets in online ads | Sector: FMCG | Objectives: Targeting,m click-through, buzz | Format: Banner adverts, Social media on Twitter

Digital Training Academy // Date unknown

Case Study: Pepsi Dear Mr President | Agency: R/GA | Technology: Eyeblaster | Sector: FMCG | Objective: Brand awareness, brand positioning, purchase intent, engagement | Format: Rich media, social media, microsite & video (PDF)

Digital Training Academy // Date unknown

Case Study: Revels | Agency: Skive Creative | Technology: Eyeblaster | Sector: FMCG | Objectives: Brand positioning, purchase intent, engagement | Format: Rich media, social media, microsite & video (PDF)

Digital Training Academy // Date unknown

Case Study: Splenda | Media: Facebook | Country: Global | Sector: FMCG – Food and drink | Objective: Trend creation, buzz, purchase intent | Format: Social media (PDF)

Digital Training Academy // Date unknown

Kleenex work with Microsoft to deliver new brand story using social media (PDF)

Iabuk // Date unknown


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  1. Rax Lakhani says:

    Hi Annalisa

    Thanks for sharing this amzing list of case-studies. It’s good to see the Marmite work up there with the rest – it was a really fun brand to work with and there is still lots of potential left in the opened jar!

  2. Hi Rax, I’m glad you found it useful. Marmite is definitely one of my favourite ones up there. Looking forward to seeing how the brand’s use of social media develops!

  3. Ann Holman says:

    Annalisa, this is a blinding post. I saw it last week and have only just got round to commenting (the sun was out!) Its great to see the case studies rolling in and you have provided a fantastic resource for anyone seeking out real live examples of how people are using social media.

    There are some fascinating ideas, thoughts and just stuff that we can all learn from. Thanks for having the intellectual nous to pull something together that adds so much value to the social media discussion.

    Ann 🙂

  4. Hi Ann, I’m thrilled that you found the post useful. I really enjoyed putting it together!
    Hope you find the next posts in the series just as insightful. 🙂
    All the best, Annalisa

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