Case Study Crunch: Social Media case studies in Entertainment (TV, Film, Music + More)

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The entertainment industry’s relationship with social media is changing -and fast.

With the industry getting its own Twitter dashboard, American Idol’s weekly outcomes being predicted by SM stats and Twilight’s Facebook Fan page reaching 5 million and counting, proof of the SM-Entertainment (r)evolution is everywhere:

As a result, showcased below are 30+ of the most recent, significant and at times creative case study examples of filmmakers’, musicians’, broadcasters’ and all-round entertainers’ use of social media.

We hope they’ll provide you with a backstage pass to some of the tricks of the trade. Enjoy.


TV + Broadcasting

NBC gets social in Web-based viewship push

Reuters // 13-05-10

Tweets Prove Big Bucks for Conan O’Brien

Social Media At Work // 17-03-10

BBC news staff embraces social media

Business Blogging Blog // 10-03-10

Learn Social Media by Example: “Give Me My Chuck” Campaign

Thoughtpick // 05-02-10

Social media case study from Seth Miller of Turner Broadcasting System

Business Blogging Blog // 01-02-10

How NPR uses Twitter and Facebook to Report Breaking News

Social Media At Work // 15-01-10

Twitter Fans Try to Rescue TV Pilot

Social Media At Work // 10-01-10

Seattle Journalists Create a Public GoogleWave for Real-Time Reporting

Social Media At Work // 09-01-10

ESPN Editor on Social Media Policy: Our Talent’s Personal Brand is ESPN

Mashable // 05-08-09 Had E3, But UStream has The Jonas Brothers

Mashable // 04-06-09

Doctor Who on Swapits (PDF)

Iabuk / Swapits // Date unknown

E4 gets Skins off to a flyer with exclusive MySpace preview (PDF)

Iabuk / MySpace // Date unknown

H20 on Swapits (PDF)

Iabuk / Swapits // Date unknown

icrossing helps channel 4 re-engage with its teenage audience (PDF)

Iabuk / icrossing // Date unknown


Iron Man 2 Campaign – Learn Social Media By Example

Thoughtpick // 06-05-10

Anatomy of an Indie Film’s Social Media Campaign

WebWorkerDaily // 14-04-10

Tron Legacy Viral Campaign – Learn Social Media by Example

Thoughtpick // 11-03-10

Harry Potter Tweet – Learn Social Media by Example

Thoughtpick // 09-03-10

Avatar Movie – Learn Social Media by Example

Thoughtpick // 24-02-10

How Social Media and the Web Helped Avatar make $1 Billion

Mashable // 08-01-10

Twitter Can Bury a Movie. It Can Also Make it a Success

Mashable // 20-09-09

Social Media Micro Case Study: “X-Men”

Threeminds // 08-12-08

12.12.08 is The Day The Earth Stood Still (PDF)

Iabuk / MySpace // Date unknown


Blue Fountain Media // Date unknown

Social Media Case Study: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Writing Roads // Date unknown


How Social Media is Changing the 2010 Grammys

Social Media At Work // 26-01-10

Video Games

Sony integrates Facebook into PS3 game

Business Blogging Blog // 31-03-10

Burnout on Swapits (PDF)

Iabuk / Swapits // Date unknown

Xbox’s Master Chief launches Halo 3 on MySpace (PDF)

Iabuk / MySpace // Date unknown


SeaWorld’s Whale of a Social Media Campaign

Mashable //02-06-09

Boise Water park Puts Its Money Where Its Guests Are

Womma // Date unknown


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