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As an online business strategist, mentor and instructor, I spend a lot of time surrounded by a whole host of super-inspiring digital entrepreneurs. Seriously these guys are so smart I’m honoured to share the online stage with them. 

These rockstars know how to build a thriving business, both for themselves and their clients. So I thought it would be interesting to ask them a question.

What is your one big learning from 2016?

They hit that question full force, and have given me some truly fantastic business tips to share with all of you, you lucky things.

Lacy Boggs, Content Strategist:

I was still laboring under the FALSE impression that hitting that next big milestone (whatever it may be – emails, revenue, etc.) would suddenly somehow make everything magically easier!  It doesn’t work like that.

Cailen Ascher, Clarity Coach for Women Entrepreneurs:

I started by making business (and life) too complicated and hard.

The more things I handed off to others, my team, my spouse, my family and the Universe, the more easeful and abundant that journey became.

When it comes down to it, the journey has to align with the destination. You can’t build an ease-full, successful business by being stressed out and overwhelmed 24/7.

Breanne Dyck, Founder of MNIB Consulting:

When faced with any decision, opportunity, or idea, I have learned to ask myself:

1) What is my OUTCOME? In other words, what does success look like?

2) What is the LEAST COMPLICATED way to achieve this outcome?

3) What are the COSTS of that commitment, and am I willing to pay them? This includes hard costs (time, money) but also soft costs (discomfort, less-than-perfect work, etc). In other words, what do I have to be willing to give up to get the result I want?

Jenny Fenig, CEO & Coach:

Letting go is the key to moving forward.

Letting go of …

Clutter, complexity, being a Lone Ranger, small-minded thinking, holding on too tight, trying to please everyone, making things harder than they need to be, faking it, playing it safe, forcing something to work that’s just not working, being anything other than my best self.

Michelle Warner, Online Business Strategist:

Paying attention to mindset and intention is as important as anything else in business.

As a very left brain, analytical strategist I’ve always found it easy to dismiss all the mindset talk around business. But then I was forced by health and circumstance to slow down and pay attention to that side of business, what happened blew my mind.

Because when I spent time on myself, on healing my mind and my body, perfect-for-me clients started coming out of the woodwork left and right. And did so even though I wasn’t doing any active (or even passive) marketing of any kind and I had no idea how they were finding me. It was wild and a true eye opener for me, and a lesson I’ll certainly bring into 2017.

Laura Husson, Big Dreamer at Business Beyond Belief & Director of Husson Media Ltd:

What does it REALLY mean to get out of your own way? When you learn how to do that the biggest opportunities are usually right under your nose.

Jo Gifford, CEO of Brilliance:

Collaborations are key for success, in building new products, reaching new people, and acquiring new knowledge. This year alone I’ve collaborated on a bunch of killer masterclasses, worked with some of my idols on webinars and developed exciting packages with other hugely inspiring entrepreneurs.

Melissa Ramos, Nutritionist with a background in Chinese Medicine, Sexy Food Therapy @

Any business requires solid processes and systems to grow.

So I created clear systems to better optimize and streamline how my business functions on a day to day. I analyzed and implemented a better way for my customers to receive information. I also hired a community manager for my membership group. Improving the process for my people improved their experience and the retention rates, which gave me my life back!

Rebecca Tracey, Business & Marketing Coach for Coaches at The Uncaged Life:

It takes some experimentation to find the right team. It can be hard to know what kind of help you need, so keep trying different people in different roles til the fit is just right!

Ariel Frey, Intuitive Business Strategist & Success Coach:

There’s no one secret to creating a successful business. The keys are to:

  • Continue to take your mindset to the next level
  • Put in the work
  • Develop the skills to lead a team

Chantelle Adams, Professional Speaker, Speech Stylist & Courage Igniter:

There is a place for strategy and planning but there has to be time for reflection and really tuning in to see what is the right next step for you.

I call this aligned abundance because anyone can make a lot of money, but true success is making a great income doing what lights you up, while making an even greater impact in the world, in the way only you can!

Angela Lauria, President at The Author Incubator:

There is a point in business where you simply can’t grow by working harder or even smarter. I have to work less and trust my team more.

Susan Ferraro, Mindset Coach & Writer:

The most important thing I’ve learned is the ability to understand how to live and work in a state of FLOW.

I completely trust my intuition and the process and timing of everything that I’m creating in my work and lifestyle.

The biggest benefit of this for me is learning how to let go of and manage my impatience and sense of urgency – when we’re feeling that way it’s really a resistance to EASE & FLOW.

Racheal Cook, Business Growth Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs:

Prune. Prune. Prune. It’s really easy to fall in love with all the ideas, only to find yourself spread too thin over too many projects. 2016 was the year that I ruthlessly cut anything that wasn’t truly 100% in alignment with my vision. It feels like a weight has been lifted.

Gemma Went, Online Business Consultant:

At some point you need to stop researching, stop learning new stuff, stop following that new coach because, actually, you already have all you need to move forward. In fact the only thing you don’t have is the self belief that you can, and will, bring your dreams to life. Once I connected with that self-belief, it all became so much easier.



But wait, my friends, I have more. I asked them another question, which I’ll share with you in my next post.


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