Business success, mindset and a big helping of luck

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I’ve said this many times. It doesn’t matter how much skill you have. How much experience. If you haven’t got the right mindset for business, you will likely fail.

Because the thing is, we can be our own worse enemies. Our own internal bullies. Shouting things at ourselves like:

“I’m not enough”
“Success happens to other people, not me”
“I’m not built for success”
“I deserve to be poor”
“I’m rubbish with money”
“Who am I to want more?”
“I should be happy with my lot in life”

If we heard anyone else saying these things at someone we cared about, we’d be horrified. Angry. We might even go on over and punch the person who said it on the nose.

So why do we do this to ourselves?

These internal dialogues have a devastating effect on our mindset. We start to believe them. So much so that no matter how good we are, what great results we get, we never quite believe we can be the success we truly want and deserve.

My own business has tripled in income over the last year. I’ve introduced a number of new income streams, built an amazing team of five, and have the self-belief to smash even bigger goals next year.

But it wasn’t always that way. I had a BIG mindset block. Mine was “I’m not good enough” and it used to stop me in my tracks. Keeping me small. Making me turn down opportunities because I felt like an imposter. 

And last year all that changed.

I bought a book called ‘Get Rich Lucky Bitch’ by Denise Duffield Thomas. Now I didn’t buy this because I wanted to ‘get rich’.

Far from it.

I saw that she focused on mindset and money blocks and that’s what I needed. Badly. Her methods focus on the Law of Attraction, which is something I’ve always believed in. But she did it in a more logical, less woo woo, way.

I read the book. I felt like it had been written just for me. Within minutes I’d bought her online training program. Lucky Bitch Bootcamp.


Denise has a tried and tested framework that helps you to overcome mindset and money blocks, make the law of attraction your friend, hook into the power of the Universe and manifest whatever you want into your life.

And when I say tried and tested, I mean it. I manifested my dream home within 8 months, I’ve pulled opportunities to me that seemed ludicrous at the time, but were exactly what I needed. And I’ve seen other members of the Bootcamp do the same, and more.

The Bootcamp is the single, best investment I’ve made in myself and my business EVER. And I don’t say that lightly.

If you’re just a little intrigued, Denise has a wonderful FREE resource that let’s you dip your toe into her framework. Her simple yet logical manifesting formula is below, just click here or on the image and sign up. I’ve used it many times and the results are amazing.



Early in November Denise will be running a live version of the Bootcamp, something she hasn’t done for some time. I’ll be jumping right on in to do it again and I’d LOVE you to join us.

So give the FREE manifesting formula a go, and if it leaves your thirsty for more, head on over here to read more about joining The Lucky Bitch Bootcamp.

But that’s not all. I believe in this SO much that if you buy Lucky Bitch Bootcamp using my affiliate link here, I’m going to give you one year free membership of my Simply Smart Business Academy, which opens it’s doors early November (seriously, I think I may have manifested the same launch dates as Denise). ON TOP OF THAT you will save $500 if you buy before 27th October.

My academy is the PERFECT accompaniment to Lucky Bitch Bootcamp. Where Denise will help you to clear your blocks and learn how to manifest the perfect life, my Academy will teach you all you need to know to create, launch and grow a business online. So if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, this is for you.

The academy is an affordable hub of masterclasses that cover all aspects of creating, running and growing a business online. A one-stop-shop that will keep you away from searching Google, and getting so many wrong answers, forever. I will teach you everything you need to get the results you crave.

What you get in the academy:

  • We’re launching with 30+ masterclasses across 16 categories. But don’t panic, these won’t overwhelm. You can do them at your own pace over the year, as and when you need them. Each masterclass is only 30 minutes long and can easily fit into your busy day.
  • You’ll have easy-to-follow roadmaps that will take you from class to class to deal with whatever issue you have.
  • I have 20+ experts sharing their genius with you, so you know you’re getting tried and tested training that works. Experts include: Jo Gifford, Bushra Azhar, Joanna Hunter, Julie Lowe, Sarah Leather, Star Khechara, Lauren Vanessa Zink, Gemma Regalado, Elizabeth Goddard, Jenna Leigh, Karla Morales, Dina Bergman, Kerri Walker, Niamh Arthur, Jen Turrell, Joanne Jacobs, Mariska Anderson, Nicole Liloia, Emma-Louise Smith, Anna McLoughlin, Elsewine Rietveld, Rebecca Bradley, James Gurd and more will be joining us.
  • You get workbooks, templates and swipe files that make your life oh so easy.
  • There will be new masterclasses every month and you can help us decide which those will be, so you’re getting exactly what you need.
  • You get access to me every month in the form of a live Q&A session and I’ll be very active in our Facebook Group.
  • You get the support of other academy members in the private Facebook Group and the opportunity to buddy up with accountability partners.
  • It really is the perfect partner for any business, whether entirely online, or a bricks and mortar business with an online presence.

So if that sounds good AND you want to get your hands on Denise’s Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, go here to buy, and once I’ve had confirmation from Denise’s team that you bought through my affiliate link, I’ll add you to the Academy as soon as we open the doors.


Disclosure: As you’ve probably gathered, I’m an affiliate for Denise, which means I’ll get a commission from her if you buy the product when you click my affiliate link. There’s no cost to you PLUS I’m only an affiliate for products I’ve used myself and absolutely believe in.



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