What’s driving you, strategy or tactics?

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There’s a conversation I have with clients or prospects on repeat.

It’s the same conversation, with the same issues, just featuring a different main character.

It goes something like this:

Them: “I’ve been doing this for so long, Gemma, and I have glimpses of success, some great months, but then it all dips again and I question if I even have it in me to make a success of this business.

I’ve learned all of the things. I’m all over social media, I’ve tried Facebook Ads (but I’ll be honest, that blew my mind), I’ve dabbled in funnels and I’ve been emailing my list regularly. And still nothing is sticking.

What am I doing wrong?”

At this point I begin to ask my questions:

Me: Ok, so, talk to me about your vision.

What’s the core purpose of your business?

Who do you want to do this for?

What does this mean to them?

What does this mean to you?

Once we get to the crux of this (and it doesn’t usually happen quickly, we tend to meander a bit before we REALLY get to it), I ask:

Me: Has all this ‘stuff’ you’ve been doing focussed entirely on achieving that core purpose?

The answer is, invariably, no.

You see this is where most struggling businesses go wrong.

They focus on the tactics, BEFORE getting their core strategy right.

And that never works.

The strategy is what drives the tactics, but sadly most businesses do it the other way around. And that’s a one-way ticket to failure.

This is what I work on with my clients. And I’ll be honest, this is MY core purpose. Cutting through the confusion and getting to the core strategy of a business.

Because once you have that, once you have a strong foundation, it’s so much easier to build out from there, because you know:

☞ Who you should be targeting.

☞ What their problems are.

☞ Which offers you should create to solve their problems.

☞ How many you need to sell to reach your financial target.

☞ Which marketing activities to focus on.

How about you?

Are you focussing on the tactics OR the strategy?

Listen to this episode here:

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