Let’s talk about the downside of doing business on social media

You all know that to me, integrity is massive. In this episode of Be the change, I’m chatting with legal whizz Rachel Flower about how the freedom of social media enables entrepreneurs to hide, and act out of integrity. We’re also talking about the implications this behaviour can have on both buyers and business owners – it’s a good ‘un.

Be the change is a mini-series here on The Simply Smart Business Show where I get down to it with leaders in the online business world to talk about the problems facing our industry today and (most importantly) how we can create the changes we want to see.

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Takeaways from this show:

  • We see a lot of smoke and mirrors in the online business world, and there are a number of consequences to this. For starters, those who are already acting in integrity have to go the extra mile to prove themselves. The effects on buyers can be grave too. We see people being missold to in a way that is destroying small businesses and stamping on people’s dreams.
  • The more we have this conversation, the more we act in line with integrity, the more honest we are when we share on social media, the more we can change this. We get to steer the ship back in the right direction.
  • Social media can create a sense of connection and trust when it doesn’t really exist. These platforms were not set up to become trusted marketplaces, so they’re not yet being regulated or policed as quickly as they should be.
  • This sense of “social media friends” can cause entrepreneurs to drop their professional boundaries, with regards to everything from having contracts in place, to being “on call” 24/7. We all need to step into the grown-up ways of running a business. That means boundaries, clarity and managing expectations.

Listen to this episode here:

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Rachel Flower is one of the UK’s most respected business consultants and advisors. A commercial lawyer with over 20 years’ experience, she has worked with hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes – PLCs, SMEs, tech start-ups, micro businesses and solopreneurs. 

Her niche consultancy service “Serenwood” provides innovative legal solutions and jargon-free legal support with a commercial edge. Rachel describes herself as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, with multiple different business interests. She is an ambassador and advocate for equality, working with corporates to build diversity & flexible working into global workplaces. She is married and lives in Yorkshire, mum to two feisty girls, sings with a champion barbershop chorus and harbours a secret desire to be on a West End stage sometime soon.

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