After 5 years in business, this is what I’ve learned (Part 1)

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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. This one is a big fat celebration… for a couple of reasons.

1 – This is the 50th episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. Yep, you’ve been enjoying me in your ears for 50 whole episodes.

2 – My business baby (and actual baby) are turning 5! For those of you who know my story, I started this business while heavily pregnant with my son – this month marks the five year anniversary of having both in my life… and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how everything’s turned out.

In this episode, I’m sharing 10 of the biggest, most life-changing lessons I’ve learned over the past 5 years. Actually, it’s a big one, so I’m splitting this show in two. You’ll get 5 lessons today and 5 tomorrow.

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What people think of you is none of your business

Man, this is a BIGGIE. So I really care what people think of me.

REALLY care.

And this used to keep tripping me up all the time. I was afraid of being myself, of putting myself out there, of playing big, because I thought people would judge me. It kept me playing small and hidden for the first 3 years, even though I’d crashed through the 6 figure ceiling. Once I accepted that, actually, what they think is none of my business and doesn’t really matter, everything changed. I was able to be me, without fear of judgment. And as soon as I was me, the true me, people really connected, in a way they never did before. And THAT is gold dust.

Move from a freelancer mindset to a CEO mindset. ASAP.

Most of us start with a freelancer mindset, and that’s understandable. We have to do EVERYTHING in our business at the start, with no or little help. We work IN our business but rarely ON it. We charge like a freelancer. We agree on retainers like a freelancer. We get treated like a freelancer (because we’ve shown them that’s how we should be treated). As soon as you realise that you are the CEO of your business, responsible for how it runs, creating profit to keep it healthy, building a team to grow it, then it all becomes so much better. it took me years to step into my CEO role, and once I did everything changed

Nurture client relationships like your life depends on it.

I love my clients. LOVE them. Sometimes obsessively.

Because they are why I do this. I want to change their lives, help them to create the business success they’re proud of, help them bring their dreams to life. When we celebrate their wins there’s nothing better, particularly if they had to do a lot of internal work to get to that point.

I go all in, and that’s what keeps them with me, some for years. And you know what, it’s SO much easier to retain a client than it is to create a new one.

Understand what integrity means to you and follow your own compass.

I’m big on integrity, it’s the core value of my business and, well, me. All of my decisions are based on it, all the people I deal with are measured against it. And if I get a ‘feeling’ that somethings off, I run.

Having this compass helps me to run my business in a way that’s fully aligned with my values, and that feels amazing.

When there are so many coaches teaching unethical strategies out there, THIS is what will guide you to the right ones.

Your opinion is relevant.

I used to compare myself to my peers ALL THE TIME. Particularly the really successful ones. It would stop me from allowing my voice to be heard because I questioned why anyone would listen to me when there were people out there much more successful than me saying something different.

It wasn’t until I accepted that I just needed to be part of the conversation and that my opinion was as relevant as anyone else’s, even when it was saying something different, I felt I had found my place.

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