On belief, action and spirituality

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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m talking about all the different ingredients in my cocktail for success.

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I often talk about my obsession with having the right strategy for business growth.

But what I don’t dig into quite as much are the other essential ingredients I add to the pot to create mine and my clients’ success.

In fact, more people know me for my strategy stuff and my digital expertise than for the two other areas I’m also obsessed with.

Mindset and spirituality

Now before you start to draw your breath sharply, I’m not full woo. My clients call my particular strand more ‘logical woo’ than anything else. And they seem to like it.

You see, for as long as I can remember I’ve had strong intuition. I’ve been able to manifest things I want with ease. And I always put that down to luck. It’s only been the last few years where I’ve read more about the Universal Laws that I started to uncover these alternative ways of ‘being’ and that I had much more of a gift than I realised.

I’m an incredibly good manifestor, so much so that it often freaks me out. I also have intuitive gifts that allow me to feel what I don’t see or hear. I’ve embraced these alternative methods and they’ve become part of how I do business and how I teach business.

And it gets results. It enables me to zone in on what is blocking my clients easily. It enables me to get clear messaging on the way forward for both my clients and myself. It’s a skillset I’m still learning about and growing, but man it’s mind-blowing.

I have daily routines that involve meditation, journaling and EFT, all of which help me to tune out the noise and tune into something much deeper. This is where I do some of my greatest work and where I’ve had some of my best business-building ideas.

Now, I’m not about to advise that you simply rely on manifesting to create your dream life. I don’t buy into that. I believe we co-create with the Universe, so while we’re busy manifesting and creating abundance, we also need to be putting in the work to create the dream. This is how I’ve created my own dream life and it’s magical.

When you mix this with the mindset work I do, which runs through every aspect of my work, it’s a heady cocktail of high-energy that can have drastic results.

We have the ability to create miracles, you and I, we just need to believe we can.

And this is another obsession of mine: creating self-belief in my clients.

I truly believe that once we believe in ourselves 100% that we can bring those dreams to life.

Whether those are life goals or business goals, it all starts with belief.

Once you add inspired, intentional action to a positive, high-vibe mindset, deep spiritual work, unwavering belief, well … that’s when the magic happens.

Have you factored each of these things to your business growth, as well as the strategy?

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