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Today I want to talk to you about something that plagues pretty much every entrepreneur, no matter how much experience they have running a business…

Mind Monkeys.

In other words, those out-of-control stories, negative beliefs, and mental blocks that stand between you and your true potential. We all have to deal with them.

But we need to work out how to deal with them, or run the risk of keeping us frozen, unable to move on.

The first step to beating your mind monkey is in identifying them.

These are great questions to help uncover a few monkeys:

☞ What activities in your business drain you?
☞ Which do you avoid?
☞ What can’t you do at all?

And then ask yourself WHY.

☞ WHY do you find certain activities so draining?
☞ WHY do you avoid others?
☞ WHY do you believe you can’t do xyz?

Over the years, I’ve had many mind monkeys to deal with.

Fears of visibility (which went hand in hand with crippling stage fright).

Believing that I’m not enough, or I don’t know enough to succeed at what I do.

Falling into the habit of comparing myself with others.

Listening to things that didn’t mesh with my own values because other people “know better”.

This first step is all about awareness, and getting super clear on the beliefs that are blocking your path. Once you have that clarity, you can do the inner work to move forward.

My favourite techniques for swotting my own mind monkeys are:

Regular journaling
I like to start my day with a journaling practice that involves writing a gratitude list, a forgiveness list, and a few pages of free writing. That forgiveness list is where I really explore the things about myself that aren’t perfect, and look for ways to keep growing regardless.

Also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, this process involves tapping on different pressure points in order to clear your energy blocks. I highly recommend taking a look at Brad Yates resources on the topic.

Trusting in others
As a recovering control freak, I’ve had to teach myself the benefits of relying on others to do my best work. If I try to do every single task in my business, I will never be able to scale or grow. But if I trust in the amazing team I’ve surrounded myself with to do what they do best, I can focus on my soul’s work.

Highlighting my weaknesses and working on them
Nobody is born “done”. As we go through life we learn new skills, and grow in new ways. I like to be really intentional about how I grow, so I use that journaling time of mine to identify really specific things that are holding me back. Particular skills, such as sales, for example, can be learned. Once you know you’re lacking in a certain area, you have the power to seek a solution.

Take some time to look inwards, and to articulate those stories that are holding you back.

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