An introduction to blogging: Making your mark on the blogosphere

[tweetmeme]I spoke at the Construction Marketing training event last week about blogging and how to introduce it into your business. The presentation is here. If you have any questions, pop them in the comments and I’ll respond there.

[slideshare id=3062400&doc=constructionmarketingtrainingday-blogging-redcubemarketing-100203104521-phpapp01]

There were a number of other great social media presentations on the day, to view those go here.

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  1. Angela Carr says:

    Hi Gemma,

    I really enjoyed the presentation, viewed on-line, sadly, and not in the room as part of the Construction Marketing Training day! Some great points about setting goals for this side of business and then measuring it’s success and I’ll definitely be implementing these from now on.

    And thanks again for plugging the living:room blog – it’s very much appreciated!


  2. Will Corry says:


    This is good stuff! I would like to use it in theMarketingblog – is that OK by you?

    01784 434 412

  3. Gemma Went says:

    No problem Will, please do.

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