Let’s talk about amazing customer experience

Did you know that less than 1% of all business books are written about customer success and customer experience?

It’s shocking really, because keeping a positive relationship with existing customers and clients is what makes all the difference – retention is key!

In this episode of Be the change, I’m joined by Casey Graham, co-founder of Gravy and customer retention expert.

Be the change is a mini-series here on The Simply Smart Business Show where I get down to it with leaders in the online business world to talk about the problems facing our industry today and (most importantly) how we can create the changes we want to see.

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Takeaways from this show:

  • So many CEOs and leaders talk about what they do, and how cool they are, but that often comes at the cost of your personal life. We have to keep things real.
  • A lot of businesses are just trying to be better than other businesses. Being “better” doesn’t work. You’ve got to be different. That is how you win.
  • The one common factor you see in growing businesses is this: they are uniquely themselves. They’re not trying to act like somebody else, speak like somebody else, do ad copy like somebody else…
  • Action creates traction. You might always be looking for some magical lightning bolt, but the reality is that nothing ever works until you do.
  • You can’t create a scalable business until you have a business that actually works for one person.
  • You’ve got to make it obvious for the oblivious. Your product should be so obvious and intuitive for everyone who buys it. Tip: hire someone who is not in your target market to come and test your programme. Jump on a Zoom with them, give them no instruction at all and just watch what they do first. Every couple of minutes, ask them why they clicked where they did.
  • When you’re selling stuff to people, it’s not about what you think they need, it’s about what they think they need to get them the result they want.
  • Give people an emotional and psychological win – that’s what gets them to stay. Remember: when customers win, they stay in.
  • Treat everybody like a somebody.

Listen to this episode here:

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Casey Graham is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gravy, the leading failed payment recovery and customer retention solution for companies with recurring revenue.

He recently kicked-off “Gravycast,” after previously inspiring a wide audience through “The 7-Figure CEO Podcast,” the first and only podcast to interview leaders of companies over 7 figures about breaking through business growth barriers.

Casey’s passion for entrepreneurship and bold vision for leadership are the driving force behind his energetic and engaging presence, both on and off the stage.

Visit Casey’s website here.

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