After the money stops

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I had an interesting comment from an ex client recently that really made me ponder.

She was in my mastermind, and had upgraded to have one to ones with me. For various reasons she couldn’t take the final two calls, so I told her we could bundle them up and she could have two hours with me when she needs it.

We had that session this week, around 3 months after she left. We used it as a creative session, and came up with so many ideas for her 2020 plans. I loved it!

But at one point she paused and said she needed to thank me for honouring those calls as many business coaches wouldn’t.
I was surprised.

It felt the most natural thing in the world for me to honour that. It felt right. It’s just how I do things.

It got me thinking about how people are treated after they work with someone.

After the money stops.

Because this says everything.

Thing is, once my clients are in my world, they’re IN my world.

I want to stay connected with them, see them grow, see the results of our work months, years after we stopped working together.

I keep recommending them to people when I think they’re the right fit.

I hire them myself.

I send quick tips I think they need.

I’ve run something with a partner over a year after it had been bought, because it was in integrity to do so.

I recruit them to become my coaches on my programs and masterminds (all coaches so far are ex clients).

Of course there are some exceptions where I need to have boundaries when people leave, have broken contracts or act in a way that doesn’t align with my values, but that’s a tiny percentage.

Because I want to be there.

In fact I’ve had people leave my mastermind early and I’ve still honoured bonus’s they’d won – because I knew they needed them.

When people invest in me they get more than the thing they’re buying. So much more.

And I don’t say this in a ‘well aren’t I just a saint!’ kinda way. Believe me, I’m far from perfect and have made mistakes along the way. But it’s my journey and learnings that have made me who I am today. Have made me want to create relationships that extend beyond the end of the contract.

I take investments in me seriously, I’m here to deliver, to serve, to support – not just to make money.

Soon I’ll be opening up my alumni group for all ex clients, which I announced to my graduating Elevators over two months ago and they’ve been patiently sitting in the ‘join this group’ holding space for me to open the ‘Connect • Give• Grow’ Facebook Group (soon lovelies, I’ve been getting my house in order).

To other ex clients, I’ll be chatting more about this soon.

It felt right to create this, because I genuinely care and want to be connected after the money stops. I want to be able to offer them things first, to continue working with them when it’s right, but more than that – just to stay connected and share any opportunities I find with them.

Connection is one of my words for 2020, and I’m making a lot of changes to make that happen. Scaling doesn’t mean you have to lose that and I’m currently designing new, creative ways to deepen that connection, while still scaling.

Because at the end of the day, we’re all humans who crave connection.

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