A Closer Look At Mindset With Lara Young

On this episode of the Simply Smart Business Show, I’m joined by Lara Young, founder of the Mindset Coaching Academy. We’re talking all about why mindset goes far beyond positive affirmations and the importance of personal development as part of professional development.

Listen in to learn what mindset really means and how we can work with it to create successful, resilient and smart businesses.

Listen to this episode here.

In this show you’ll learn about:

  • The importance of mindset for business growth as we ease-out of lockdown
  • What Lara is noticing about stress and resilience for online business owners right now 
  • What’s changed around comparison and competition on social media 
  • The link between mindset and alignment
  • The direct relationship between what’s going on in your inner world and what you see playing out in your business
  • How vision boards and affirmations are powerful tasks but real mindset work goes far deeper
  • Why we might struggle with enjoying time off as entrepreneurs
  • Lara’s switch from a corporate job to running her own personal development business.
  • Our relationship with self-sabotage, failure, goals and success
  • What mindset coaches need to know to support their clients

Listen to this episode here.

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The link for her Mindset Dimensions is here:

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