The 8 essentials needed for Business Growth

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With the ups of entrepreneurialism, also come the downs.

Learning to navigate them in a self-supporting way while watching out for trauma triggers, is an essential part of the process.

If you have these eight things in your business, you have the support you need to navigate this crazy growth journey.

So let’s dig into each of these.

📌 Courage 

Let’s be clear here, it takes a lot of courage to even start a business. But what most don’t understand is that it takes, even more, to keep it going. It’s easy to assume that once you start earning revenue and paying yourself a decent salary, it all gets a lot easier. 

In some ways, it does. The pressure of earning is off, BUT it still takes a heck of a lot of courage to navigate the mindset layers that get pulled back as we grow. It takes a heck of a lot of courage to withstand the inevitable attacks and judgement that are ever-present in this online world. 

But with that courage comes a core inner power that can hold you through every situation that arises, and this is where the growth comes my friends. 

🔄 Consistency 

Consistency takes commitment, and committing is hard. It’s so easy to be taken off in different directions, to be seduced by shiny new promises of shiny new strategies. But these are a time and energy drain, often delaying your results for months, even years. 

Being consistent in the important areas of your business, and not wavering from that, creates the consistent growth you crave. Even when it may feel a tad boring at times. 

Because when we’re consistent, with how we show up, with how we deliver, with what we do, we create trust. And with trust comes deeper connections and deeper results.  

 ⚒ Resilience 

The online world is a wonderful place, full of opportunities. 

But equally, it has a dark side, where people will judge and attack when you shine your light too bright. You will trigger people, and they will react to that. 

This, sadly, is a certainty.

So to navigate these low times, we need to build resilience. The good thing is, resilience is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. Don’t fear those low times, don’t fear that judgement, just know it’s not about you, it’s part of the journey, and get the right support to navigate it as you build that resilience. 

↘️↗️  Failure (for the lessons) 

Failure is essential to success. Because it’s only in our failures that we learn the lessons we need to grow. 

If you look at the most successful entrepreneurs, they leave behind them a trail of failures that showed them what would work for them.

But so many are afraid of failure because they’ve attached a meaning to it. It says something about them when they fail, which can cause them to freeze or, worse still, give up.

The first thing to understand is this: Failure is nothing to do with you. 

Failure is a necessary part of the journey. It’s an essential part of your journey.

So go forth, do your thing, fail fast, and learn from it. Only when you do this can you truly fail forward and reach the success you dream of.

🎲 Imperfect Action 

Perfectionism is just one of many self-sabotages that can put a halt on our progress. Again, because we’ve made things ‘not being perfect’ mean something about us. It’s an outdated program that’s running because of a negative narrative that may have been with us for years.

One of the best ways of moving through this is to take imperfect action, no matter how messy, as soon as you can. Doing this disproves the program and helps you to rewire it (alongside subconscious work of course).

It also hooks in with the previous point. By taking messy, imperfect action we move through the failure and learning phase faster, helping us on our journey to success (whatever success means to you).

🧠 Mindset Support 

Online entrepreneurialism is one of the biggest personal development journeys you can go on, which means continually working on your mindset is essential. As we work through various growth blocks, healing from past trauma and reprogramming negative narratives, we grow exponentially as human beings, which has a positive impact on every area of our lives.

But the work is never over. As we heal and grow from one growth block, another can appear, and another. 

Now, this isn’t as bleak as it may sound, this work is essential to our healing and stepping into who we truly are at a soul level, which can only be a great thing for our future. 

But we cannot do this work alone. Whether we buy a book, join a group or get one-to-one support, we need the help of others to get us through these phases – no matter what level of business we’re at.

🔎 Focus 

It’s SO easy to switch your attention to other things when you operate online. There are ALWAYS claims of better and faster ways of reaching success and we can easily be seduced from the thing we’re currently focussed on, to the new strategies.

It’s also easy to over-commit and take on too many projects at once.

Both of these focus stealers can hold us back from the growth we crave if we’re not disciplined to stay focussed.

So choose your strategies, your activities, your path wisely. Make sure those things are aligned with you, not anyone else, and make it a non-negotiable to stay focussed on those things until they are complete. You will exponentially increase your results when you do.

👊 Determination

Staying determined to reach your goals no matter what stands in your way is a skill.

When you’re the boss, when you don’t have anyone else to be accountable to when your growth blocks feel impossible to move past when you get failure after failure, when the online world turns ugly … it’s easy to hit pause, or worse … stop.

But staying hooked into your vision and being determined to reach that and your goals will hold you through those phases, no matter what.

Just remember why you’re doing this, and it can help to reignite that determination when it’s dwindling.

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