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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m talking about the dreaded USP – something my clients really seem to struggle with.

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I have a 7-step process that I use to help people uncover their true USP, their uniqueness, the thing that will truly help them stand out amongst all their peers and competitors.

  1. What are your qualifications? What are the things you studied that you can apply to your business?
    Example: Going back to school days I absolutely loved English. I used to love writing. Wasn’t particularly good at it, it’s not my talent, but I really loved writing and I loved reading. And that replays out now particularly in terms of creating content.
  2. What is your life experience? What have you suffered through? What have you survived? These are really important parts of your story that show the kind of person you are now.
    Example: The one that I talk about a lot is the fact that I was seven months pregnant and I was jobless and I was a single mum when I set this business up. I grew this business literally from nothing, from my friend’s spare bedroom where I was staying because I couldn’t afford my rent or mortgage.
  3. What is your work experience? Even if you didn’t work in the same niche, those skills will still be relevant.
    Example: I’ve got really broad experience. I’ve worked with brands, corporates, agencies and small business. So all of my experience of working with brands and corporates, I can take those and apply them to small business and it really works well.
  4. What are your quirks and flaws? Take off the business mask and show off your idiosyncrasies.
    Example: I often talk about my fear of visibilty. I used to find it really difficult to be the real me and show up publicly – the fact that I now share that struggle openly attracts people who are dealing with those same issues.
  5. What do you really care about? Plant your flag in the sand!
    Example: I really believe in doing business with integrity and it makes my blood boil when I see all the coaches and people in line selling fake stuff. Telling people how easy it is to make six figures and just not giving the truth about running a business and not teaching people the right way to build and grow.
  6. What value do you provide? What transformations do you inspire? Talk about those.
    Example: I love to share the transformation that I give to small business owners because it’s something that I really care about. Even though I still work with brands and corporates and I really enjoy that work, my heart lies in helping women bring their business dreams to life.
  7. What processes and frameworks do you have? Share your special, signature way of working.
    Example: You’ll often hear me talking about my 90 day planning system or my 10 step strategy workbook that I use with each of my clients. All of these systems for doing things are valuable IP that you should be raving about!

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