5 things not to do as a leader

Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m talking about the topic of leadership. It’s a bit of a buzzword at the moment and I really want to explore what it means to be a true leader.

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There’s a lot of talk in the online business community about being a thought leader, or leading a movement. I’ve really been thinking about this recently, as I’ve seen a lot of behaviour that doesn’t really coincide with what a leader should be.

I think that the moment you step over into influencing people, you’ve got to take that responsibility seriously – whether you label yourself as a leader or not.

There are five fundamentals that I believe a true leader should never ever do, and today I’m sharing those with you.

They don’t lie.

If you’re in a position of leadership you need to approach life with integrity, honesty and authenticity. The moment you stop doing that, you start leading people down the wrong path.

They don’t manipulate.

Trying to make people do something that you want them to do is not being a leader. A leader is someone who focuses on the good of that person, guiding them along a path but giving them a real choice.

They don’t make people feel bad.

This happens a lot through sales – if you’re making someone feel bad for not buying something or “taking action”, that’s not true leadership. True leadership is about positive change.

They don’t try to be perfect.

Being a leader does not mean you have to have everything worked out. A real leader shares their flaws and their vulnerabilities because these are the things they’ve learned from. These are the things that have put you in that leadership position.

They don’t try to push people in the wrong direction.

People have to be allowed to make their own decisions about what’s right for them, and as a leader, you should support that. You shouldn’t be pushing them into joining a group, or buying a product, or doing anything that isn’t the right fit.

I go into each of these in more detail in this week’s show, as well as exploring 8 things I think leaders do really well.

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