5 questions to ask yourself before you start selling

Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m talking about the five questions you must ask yourself before you start selling a product, a package or a service.

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What problems do they have?

Identify the one big problem that the people you’re trying to sell to have. This is usually their overriding pain point, so if you can identify it you’ll really be able to connect with them when you’re talking about your service.

What other pain points do they have?

There could be endless pain points that you want to solve for them and this will all feed into the copy you create and the conversations you have.

Once you’ve pulled out all these problems, write them down. I use a simple spreadsheet for this – it makes it really easy to get my thoughts straight on why people would want my thing.

What are the benefits of your solution?

People are interested in what’s in it for them, so think about all the positives that will come out of buying your product or service.

What does this mean to them in real life terms?

Don’t just list out abstract benefits, think about what this all means in real life terms. How will this really play out in their life?

So as an example, the benefit of your product might be that it saves time – but what’s the benefit of saving someone time? What will they get out of it? When you nail this, you’ll really start to resonate with people.

Listen to this episode here:

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