These 3 simple things can make a huge difference

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I love June as it signals the halfway point of the year.

When I get retrospective and review how well my business has done so far.

I look at my yearly goals.
I look at the financials.
I review my next set of goals for Q3.
I gear up for a big increase in momentum for the final 6 months.

It’s exciting!

I’ve already started looking back, looking at where I can improve, spotting weak points that need my attention.

And it got me thinking.

It was creating habits like these that, little by little, helped me to create the success I have in my business.

Helped me to get to 6 figures within 2 years while only working 3-4 days a week.

Helped me to create the deep, broad impact I have now that makes my heart sing.

And could help me to get to half a million this year … eeeeep!

You see these small things can make the world of difference.

And I want to share three of those small things with you.

Because if just one of them makes a difference to your business, then I’ll be happy.

Small Thing One

Rather than accepting or shying away from my weaknesses, I get comfortable with them and take action as soon as I can.

Listen, we ALL have weaknesses.

Nobody is perfect.

Even those people with shiny, perfect Instagram accounts.

But for some reason, we just accept those weaknesses (I used to).

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We have the power to do something about them.

Every December I review where my weak points were for that year and figure out the priorities. The things that are having a detrimental effect on my business, or me.

And then I find a solution for that weakness. Whether that’s investing in training or coaching, or hiring someone to handle it for me.

You see, the sooner a weakness is dealt with, the sooner it will stop having a negative effect on your business.

And there have been a fair few weaknesses for me to deal with, I can tell you.

Like my utter avoidance of finishing anything. I’m a classic non-finisher and bail before I see most things out (usually because I’m terribly impatient). I need accountability to help me with this, so I’ve invested in things like masterminds where others could help me to stay on track. And it’s worked a treat!

Small Thing Two

Getting the right support to get me where I need to be is essential to my growth, but I didn’t always select my support this way.

I used to listen to other people’s suggestions of coaches and think I should work with them too, without considering if they were right for ME and what I needed at that time.

This often led to a mismatch, and I’d wonder why it didn’t work!

Now I only work with people who match my level of integrity and have achieved what I want to achieve.

This small change made all the difference and I’m seeing miraculous results in my growth since I started doing this.

Small Thing Three

Now if you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that mindset is massively important to me. But the way I think about it has changed.

I used to think that once I was “fixed” I could achieve great things.

Once I got over my fear of visibility.
Once I felt ‘good enough’.
Once I felt like I wasn’t a total fraud.

But there is no ‘once’.

Because we’re always work in progress. Even when you think you’ve nailed it, another mindset issue will crop up and off you go again.

Once I’d accepted that, the pressure to be “fixed’ and the pressure to be “perfect” melted away. I accepted who I was and I committed to keep on doing the work, keep on getting curious about whatever comes up, keep on growing .. but in a positive way. Not to fix anything, but to be the best version of me I can be.

And we all want to be our best versions, right?




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