26 marketing activities you can do yourself


Are you struggling to manage your marketing activities inhouse with no staff or external support? Here’s my top 26 you can do yourself to get you on your way.

1. Seems quite fitting but: Start a blog. WordPress and others provide great blogs for free.

2. Review your website. Does it speak to your customers or client? Does it tell them what they need to hear to make them buy from you? No. Then change it so it does.

3. Create a really useful newsletter full of tips and opinion that your readers will appreciate.

4. Create profiles on relevant social media platforms and start networking.

5. Join other networking groups to help you grow relationships (both on and offline).

6. Attend events and conferences in your sector.

7. Browse relevant blogs and forums and leave comments.

8. Create email marketing campaigns.

9. Review all marketing materials and make sure they say what they should (include things like email signatures).

10. Write articles and submit them online.

11. Write a press release and submit it everywhere.

12. Introduce word of mouth marketing. Encourage others to recommend you and do the same for them (you could introduce incentives for this).

13. Work out your unique selling point and ensure everyone knows about it.

14. Plan a free teleconference, webinar or slideshow using the fantastic facilities available online.

15. Have you contacted old clients recently? No? Then get a system in place to make sure all clients are contacted regularly.

16. Find out what your main keywords are and ensure they are included in your website to improve SEO.

17. And while on the subject of SEO, build some quality links back to your site from other great sites.

18. Get some great testimonials and use them across all marketing activities.

19. Do existing clients know about your full service offering? If not, tell them.

20. Use Google Analytics to review your website activity and improve your website accordingly.

21. Show current clients some love (so they know how much you appreciate them).

22. Have you updated your case studies or portfolio? Then do that.

23. Look into strategic partnerships. What companies deal with your market that you can partner with?

24. Join respected professional organisations for your sector.

25. Is yours a local business? Then align yourself with local events, sponsor local charities etc to raise your profile.

26. Write some ‘free tips’ documents and give them away for free on your website and across social media.

If you have any more, please feel free to add them to the comments section.



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