Top 10 Social Media, PR and Marketing Links of the Month: July

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[tweetmeme] Ok, so I’m back and this is a little late … apologies dear readers.  Here are the top 10 links most popular with our Twitter community during July. There are some gems in there, particularly nice to see three of our own posts make the top spots.

  1. Case Study Crunch: Retail Social Media Case Studies
  2. Digital versus traditional: Where’s your money going?
  3. 11 Reasons Customers Don’t Trust Your Web Site
  4. Why Stunning Images are Important for Your Blog and How to Find them for Free
  5. Ten ways to get ahead on LinkedIn
  6. Social media explained by a 9 year old in one sentence
  7. Good tips for recommending people on Linked In
  8. Bad grammar, bad spelling: Is language as we know it, changing?
  9. The second in our social media strategy series: Getting Buy In
  10. How to find your writing voice

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