My 10 core content pillars and how to never run out of ideas again

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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m talking about my system for making sure I never ever run out of content ideas.

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Here’s my trick for creating content with ease: always create around the things you really care about.

These content pillars that I’m sharing are really aligned to my strategy, and I think that’s what makes them so impactful. And they really can work for any business – I teach them in my Business Success Bootcamp, and I also use them with my 1:1 clients. 

So let’s dive in.

Pillar 1: Your people

You need to really understand their pains, their problems, their desires, their dreams. Talking about this stuff is what shows that we actually understand them.

Pillar 2: Your solutions and offers

How can you help those people you really understand? This doesn’t have to be something super salesy, you can just touch on some of the solutions to those problems.

Pillar 3: Your uniqueness

You’ve got to stand out. This isn’t just about offering something different, it’s about you and your weirdness, and all the marvellous things that make you you.

Pillar 4: Your frameworks

Your own systems, processes and frameworks are what make your working methods so different. It’s also what makes your claims more credible.

Pillar 5: Your backstory

When your people understand you and what you’ve been through, they’re much more able to connect with you. It doesn’t have to be rags-to-riches story, just anything you’ve experienced.

Pillar 6: Your flaws

Showing that you can be successful AND flawed will be inspiring for your audience, it just will. Again, this is all about relatability. If you can show that you’re imperfect, your people will love you for it.

Pillar 7: Your opinions

Opinions can both showcase your credibility and polarise people – both of these are good things. Don’t be afraid of having a different opinion.

Pillar 8: Your storylines

The little anecdotes that happen in your everyday life. This is the stuff that keeps growing a connection with your people and helps establish you as an expert.

Pillar 9: Your values

This is all about all the stuff that’s really important to you – the things that you can’t stop banging on about. For me one of the biggies is integrity, but that will come as no surprise because I talk about it A LOT.

Pillar 10: Your vision

Your why. Your mission. Your vision of the future. Talk about all of this stuff – it really draws people to you.

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