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The Strategy Session

No time or money for long term coaching? Need a solution right now?


My Strategy Session is 70 minutes of business mentoring to deal with whatever you need. We hold the session over Zoom and it will be recorded and sent to you afterwards. You also get a week’s unlimited email support from me to follow up on what we discuss. I’ll send you a briefing form ahead of the session to ensure I’m fully briefed and ready to solve your problems.

We could cover a variety of things in this jam-packed session, including:

  • Finding clarity for you and your business.
  • Brainstorming creative ideas.
  • Reviewing and realigning your business strategy.
  • Refining which marketing activities are right for YOU?
  • Dealing with any specific social media or digital problems.
  • Mapping out your income streams.
  • Mapping out a course or program.
  • Mapping out a sales funnel.
  • Planning a launch.
  • Or anything else you need.

These sessions are full on. You get A LOT for your money and I don’t hold any punches. Your results are my results and I take this very seriously. I’ll be both nurturing and direct, I WILL tell you where you’re going wrong and what you need to do to achieve your goals. THIS is what you’re paying me for.

You could spend hours, days, weeks trying to figure out the answer to one of those problems up there. Or you could book me, to figure it out for you and show you exactly what you need to do. In just 70 minutes. Saving you money, time and energy. PLUS you get access to me for a week to implement it.

Your investment: £350/$460 (ex VAT for UK folk)

Book and Pay Here


You can book it directly into my diary by clicking the button up there. Once you’ve booked your session, follow the link to Paypal to secure it. If you miss that link during the process, go here to pay. If you have any questions, go here to get in touch.