“ I only spent a couple of hours with Gemma, discussing social media strategy and what it could do for my business, and she really opened my eyes to what is possible. Everything was geared around my business which meant that I could see immediate application. I also really liked Gemma’s informal and slightly quirky style! Will definitely work with her again and recommend her to others” Brand Talk

“As an experienced ecommerce consultant, my challenge is to find social media experts who have a more detailed knowledge of devising, implementing and optimising social media plans than I do. Gemma nails that hands down and her advice and guidance has been invaluable in helping me prioritise and focus on what will deliver the greatest impact. She has a much wider digital, brand and marketing skill set, meaning she intuitively gets how social fits within a business, not just externally to customers but also internally with key stakeholders. I love her approach to work; she’s positive, happy, motivated and understands leadership. Her collaboration skills are excellent but she’s also brilliant at getting things done off her own back because she takes the time to understand what I want and then makes it happen quickly and efficiently. Would i use her again? Definitely.” Digital Juggler

“I was looking to engage a consultant with a commercial edge to their work, who would tell us straight where and how we could improve our approach and use of social media. Working with Gemma has been a pleasure, she brought her expansive knowledge and insight of social and digital marketing to our discussions and has helped us reshape our strategic approach to social. I would strongly recommend Gemma to any organisation that is looking to inject a new, more dynamic and realistic approach to their social media. We will definitely be retaining her services as we move forward.” University of Hertfordshire

“Gemma has been great. She has a wealth of social media experience, which she used to create a compelling and highy relevant social media strategy for our company. She has helped to set-up all our relevant social channels and introduced us to some great tools to manage and report on those channels going forward. We had excellent practical training with her and we feel we are in a great position to execute the strategy. I would recommend Gemma to anybody and I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future again. It has been a joyful journey and project.” Shopfitting Warehouse 

“I attended a workshop run by Gemma where she bestowed upon us a wealth of knowledge, she is clearly very experienced in her field. From the basic use of all social media platforms through to building online relationships, strategic planning, SEO, and how to produce engaging content, Gemma’s workshop was extremely informative and she was bursting with ideas on how to make the most of social media within a hospice environment. I was already fairly confident, however attending Gemma’s workshop made me realise that there is so much more to social media than I was aware of. I came away feeling inspired and much more confident. I could not recommend her more.” St Wilfrid’s Hospice

“Gemma is a true marketing and social media expert. What she doesn’t know, probably isn’t worth knowing. She has a natural and unique understanding of how it works, how to translate this back to you and then delivers results. I’ve worked with her across a number of brands and she has delivered every time. Plus she’s a joy to work with. I wouldn’t entertain going anywhere else.” Betty G London

“Gemma has great knowledge of social media and the knack of being able to break it down to provide clear and relevant insights.” Dexter Moren

“Gemma and her team are true social media experts who also understand storytelling. They created a brilliant social media campaign for us which was entirely consistent with the tone and narrative of the show and added genuine value for our audience.” Kudos Film & TV

“… the team’s experience and talent for all things social shines through. Brilliant results. Pleasure to work with.” WGSN

“Gemma has helped Newcastle Brown Ale to enter the online world. With her help we have begun to create a great profile for Newcastle Brown Ale online, and engage with our consumers in a new and exciting format for the brand. Throughout the process Gemma has helped develop some fantastic pieces of activity to help us achieve our goals. She has provided great direction and understanding and has always been on hand to explain the slightly more technical aspects of the digital spectrum. We would recommend her to anyone looking for expert advice in all things Digital.” Newcastle Brown Ale

“I worked with Gemma in the early days of our launch into the Social Media arena at FutureBrand. There is no doubt she is an expert in her field, but she also brings the very rare quality of not making you feel like a total luddite whilst talking all things digital. Gemma gave us some very practical, achievable advice which helped to propel our social media presence forward and enabled us to engage in thought-provoking and intelligent on-line conversations. She is simply brilliant” FutureBrand

“Gemma is an enthusiastic team player who is extremely pro-active. She combines this with the ability to always meet deadlines and has successfully managed and delivered various projects for us. Respected by the management and studio staff alike, she is reliable and a  talented marketing practitioner who I can strongly recommend” PDD

“Gemma delivers a potent mix of inspiration and perspiration. Never tiring to deliver what you want, when you want, she adds an intelligent and relevant eye to where your business should be going and why. Great marketer and a reliable partner” 1HQ

“Gemma did an excellent and highly successful job on our marketing and social strategy and continues to support our strategic business activities with wit, clarity and marketing acumen. She represents having that outside edge, inside your organisation.” Precipice

“Gemma couldn’t have been more helpful to us with her social media support. She brought clarity, humour and character to a sometimes daunting technical area, and of course we are now all devotees” Saatchi & Saatchi Design

“Gemma held a great workshop. It’s nice to finally get a better understanding of social media from someone who’s clearly an expert in the area” Blue Marlin

“Having been a technophobe until relatively recently, I allowed myself to be almost coerced into sitting a half-day Social Media Marketing Course with Gemma Went. The best way to sum the benefits of the session up are – FANTASTIC! I went into the session wondering if the money was being wisely spent and came out thinking it is probably the best marketing investment I could make in terms of ROI. The structure and delivery were outstanding but the most noticeable thing for me was how much I felt I learned about things that were previously very vague to me, to the point where I not only understand the implications but am confident of the huge potential benefits they will have for One London Property.” One London Property

“The greatest asset Gemma has is gaining an almost immediate understanding of your business, it’s culture, it’s values, it’s brand and most importantly it’s goals. This perceptive eye allied with a tireless work ethic enables her to deliver any given project effectively and efficiently to strict deadlines. A real benefit to any business ” Adrem