social media marketing consultancy services London

I’ve worked with brands, corporates, agencies, SME’s and independent personalities, in all manner of ways. My services range from one-off projects to ongoing retainers. If the project needs a bigger team, I have a lovely network of partners to dip into for this.

If you’re an agency in need of a social media or digital strategist, I can be brought in to enhance your existing team. For more about that, go here.

If you simply want the benefit of an external marketing or social media consultant on tap, you can sign up for ongoing mentoring, either over email, phone or Skype. For more about this service, go here.

If you’re a brand or corporate, head over here to see what I can do for you.

If you’re an SME or personalty looking for social media help, there are a number of packages here designed especially for you. 

If you’re looking for social media training, pop to this page for more detail.

General services include:

Marketing, Social Media, Digital Strategy
Creative Campaign Development & Delivery
Second Screen Engagement & Social TV campaigns
Social Advertising Strategy and Management
Blogger & Influencer Outreach
Content Marketing (planning, production & seeding)

Event Amplification
Website Development
Search Engine Optimisation

Community Management
Digital & Marketing Audits
Buzz Monitoring and Measurement

Internal Social Media & Marketing Training

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